28 May 2023

12 Year Anniversary

 12 years ago today, on a hot, humid day Matt and I tied the knot. Today we celebrated by going to lunch, for a short drive (the weather was cool and cloudy and perfect) and then we took Vanessa (Natalie was at a going away party for a friend) bowling for the first time. She enjoyed it and afterward we went for another drive, then a playground. It was a good day. Matt and I continued our tradition of gifts based on a material and this year was silk. I thought a set of pajama or new sheets was a little boring, so we decided on a map printed on silk (that hasn’t arrived yet) that has a pinpoint of the place we got married, and we also went and bought a plant called silkweed, which I thought was clever. We purchased the plant on Saturday and Vanessa came with us. We had to go on a wild goose chase to find silkweed, stopping at 4 different places to find it. Vana had a great time helping us look for the right plant. The place we ended up finding it at had a chicken coop in the back and some fancy shrubs shaped like things. I wanted Natalie to be more involved with our anniversary but I’m not disappointed. She was busy drawing while we went plant shopping (a new hobby for her and I hope she keeps it up!) and today she was being social (another thing I hope keeps up!). She did make Matt and I a special drawing that I framed, it was so sweet. I am so thankful for 12 years of marriage and the wonderful kids we have a life we have built. 

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