22 January 2021

A Better America

 Happy New Year!...(?) We didn't even last a week into a fresh start on the calendar before a disastrous shitstorm hit. This time it was an attempted overthrow of the U.S. government because Trump supporters (aka a fucking cult) are FURIOUS that Trump lost the presidential election. Instead of accepting the absolute truth based on what we the people voted for, they let Trump feed them lie after baseless lie. And they ate that shit up. So they attacked the capitol building while congress was certifying Joe Biden as president. They stormed in there with zip ties and weapons and even murdered a police officer. One woman was shot and killed by authorities for trying to break into the last chamber where the politicians were secured. Of course people dare to compare the failed coup to protests and riots over the summer over racial injustices but that's just because those doing the comparing are right winged racist dickheads. 

Anyway, it feels like a great weight has been lifted. I am probably being dramatic in saying this but it feels like a 4 year war has ended. Of course our problems aren't going to go away just because Joe Biden is now (thankfully) president. But not having in power a hot headed, bigoted, sexist, racist, xenophobic shit stirrer riling up his neo Nazi fans is a great step in the right direction.    

Another great step in the right direction: we have our first female vice president! I am so glad Natalie is old enough to understand this historical event (and omg have we been living through some historical events lately). It will be crazy to see how things change and progress by the time Vana is old enough to understand!

Here's to a better, brighter America!

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