31 January 2021

Snow Joy

 Today we got our first decent amount of snow in a couple of years. Both girls had a great time sledding down the hill in our front yard!

23 January 2021

19 Months

 Man, time keeps getting away from me. I tell myself month after month I'll write a post on Vana but just never feel like. There are so many cute and sweet and funny things she does that I know I just have to document what I can before it slips my memory forever. 

And being honest I feel like my brain is slowly deteriorating. My memory just is not as sharp as it used to be and sometimes I fumble with my words and sound like an idiot when talking. 

Vanessa is a big, healthy, happy girl. She is in the 99th percentile for height and weight. 29 lbs 15 oz and 34.5 inches at her 18 month check up 12/29/20. She still doesn't sleep though the night (and the sky is blue) and usually takes 1 nap a day for 1.5 hoursish. Sometimes she amazes me with how long she can abstain from sleep. She'll go to bed late, wake up early and then not nap the whole day. I know Natalie was just shy of 2 years old when she stopped napping so we'll see if V gives them up soon. 

Vanessa is so lovey and cuddly. She is so good and cooperative. When she needs a new diaper she will ask (after pooping only) and then lay down on the floor for us to change her. When it's time to nap or go to bed she willingly goes upstairs and sometimes even says nap although it isn't super clear. She is a great communicator even though her vocabulary isn't very broad or clear. She understands what we say and makes herself fairly clear most the time. 

She loves to dig. In the sand, in dirt, in rocks, in mulch. 

She loves to get cozy with a blanket and pillow. 

She loves putting on everyone else's shoes and trying to walk (something my niece Bridget used to do). 

She loves Little Baby Bum and Curious George.

She will ask for items by color. Like she says yellow when she wants to watch Curious George and will say blue for a snack in a blue bag and such. 

She knows most major colors though sometimes gets certain ones confused. She knows red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and black. 

She loves teddy bears and kitty cats. Particularly one pink teddy bear at home and one brown one at my MIL's house. 

She has an Eagle's hat she enjoys wearing. Something my FIL gave to her. 

She loves to color and is pretty good about keeping it on paper. She has gotten crayon on the walls and rug.

She loves playing in the sink/water. Sometimes she will dump a bowl of water out of the sink and that's when play time is over. 

When she does something she isn't supposed to she will put her hands over her face and close her eyes. 

She is just so sweet and perfect!!! 

22 January 2021

A Better America

 Happy New Year!...(?) We didn't even last a week into a fresh start on the calendar before a disastrous shitstorm hit. This time it was an attempted overthrow of the U.S. government because Trump supporters (aka a fucking cult) are FURIOUS that Trump lost the presidential election. Instead of accepting the absolute truth based on what we the people voted for, they let Trump feed them lie after baseless lie. And they ate that shit up. So they attacked the capitol building while congress was certifying Joe Biden as president. They stormed in there with zip ties and weapons and even murdered a police officer. One woman was shot and killed by authorities for trying to break into the last chamber where the politicians were secured. Of course people dare to compare the failed coup to protests and riots over the summer over racial injustices but that's just because those doing the comparing are right winged racist dickheads. 

Anyway, it feels like a great weight has been lifted. I am probably being dramatic in saying this but it feels like a 4 year war has ended. Of course our problems aren't going to go away just because Joe Biden is now (thankfully) president. But not having in power a hot headed, bigoted, sexist, racist, xenophobic shit stirrer riling up his neo Nazi fans is a great step in the right direction.    

Another great step in the right direction: we have our first female vice president! I am so glad Natalie is old enough to understand this historical event (and omg have we been living through some historical events lately). It will be crazy to see how things change and progress by the time Vana is old enough to understand!

Here's to a better, brighter America!