01 January 2020

Welcome, 2020!

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is always time for reflecting and setting goals and expectations for the months to come.

When I look back on 2019, there is almost not one bad thing to say about it. I live a virtually drama free life, just chillin' in my little bubble, judging the shit out of everyone around me. The worst thing I can think of is the crazy bitch at the playground. Other than that and my kid's catching a virus at Christmas everything was amazing! I got through a childbirth I was terrified of and it went so well, did some self improvement (both physically and spiritually), my girl's are thriving and my marriage is  almost effortless (not every minute of the day but mostly). Which leads me to goals/ plans for the new year.

There isn't a thing I want to change about my life in terms of my home/love life or even my professional life. I love how everything is. We've got so much good going. We have a house, wonderful children, a great relationship, food on the table, a loving family and so much more. I just want to continue to foster the bonds I have and continue to keep my family the main (and only) priority. What I would love to focus on more is myself. I conquered some stuff in 2019 that was long overdue. Now that that has been achieved I would like to keep that in check and dwell on some other character flaws about myself. Really just deal with stress better and not react with rude remarks when I get upset. I'd like to make date nights for Matt and I a monthly thing as well. I would like to do some home projects and get more organized around the house. Oh, and I have been saying this for like 6 years straight but I would very much enjoy losing some more weight and to finally get back within 5-10 lbs of my pre Natalie weight. But honestly it's kind of whatever on that one. I'll be happy just to not gain an assload of weight again and maintain the current number. I'm finally practicing a bit of self care and it feels so good. I'd like to increase that and maybe have a spa day or something I do just for myself.

I hope 2020 brings you all the happiness you can imagine. 

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