20 September 2019

Picnics and Religion

When Natalie was a baby and toddler I used to pop her in the stroller and take her for walks down to the waterfront. We would spend hours outside on beautiful fall days. I miss that like crazy. It actually makes me a little sad that those days with her are gone. Yesterday the weather was amazing. It felt like the perfect fall day. I took Vanessa on her first little picnic down to the water. I fed her her bottle while I ate a deli sandwich with one hand. We didn't stay too long because she was starting  but it was so nice. I wished so much Natalie could have been with us. I really think it sucks how many days a week school is and how many hours long it is too. If I thought it were the best thing for her and I was qualified enough I would highly consider homeschooling. 

One thing she asked to learn about out of the blue tonight was religion. I said goodnight to her and left the room and a few minutes later she asked for water. Then she randomly said, "I want to go to church!" So I agreed and asked what made her want to go to church. She asked me exactly what church was. I told her it's where you go to learn about God and the Bible. She agreed and asked lots of questions. I tried my best explaining the logistics of religion and how there are different versions of the same religion and how most religions believe in one God but aren't the same, like Muslims and Christian's. She asked if there are only two religions (Muslims and Christians). She asked how you become a certain religion and if you have to go to church every week or if you can skip it and if you have to go to church to be religious. I told her no, it only matters what you believe in your heart and you don't have to go to church a set amount of times. She asked if once you decide on a religion if you can change your mind and become another religion instead. She also asked specifically what Christian's believe and I tried my best to explain but I just don't know the hard specifics. She also asked if you have to pay to go to church or if it's free. I. Love. This. Girl. I told her we can go to church together and learn more and she can learn about all the religions and choose one if she would like. It makes me really happy that she's taken an interest in this. I would love for her to learn about different beliefs and cultures. 

Tomorrow is her first soccer game. I'm excited but it's pretty lax and informal. She had practice today and was pretty miserable at it. She said it was boring. She doesn't like the hard/non fun part of sports, she just wants to play the game/perform. I only signed her up for the fall season so if she doesn't like it when November is over then she can just stick to playing it recreationally. 

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