29 August 2019

Little Lady

Last Thursday Natalie and I went to my job to get our hair done together. I went a smidge darker and got it trimmed, she went for green ends and bangs. I'll have to say she made a good choice and it looks so cute! I can't get over how grown up she looks with bangs. It frames her beautiful eyes too. She also got her ears pierced on Sunday. She started asking about getting them pierced last summer and we agreed she could do it for her 7th birthday but she changed her mind come December. I feel like people might judge me for letting my little girl have green hair and holes in her ears but what the fuck ever. After our hair appointment we got lunch and then picked Vanessa up from my mother in laws house. At home she wanted to watch a movie and I got to do that with her for a bit before baby duties called.

I love spending time with this little chickadee and so don't look forward to back to school. Tomorrow she is going to meet her new teacher at open house. She didn't get the teacher she wanted and none of her best friends are in her class but I am optimistic she will like the teacher and make new besties. I am so proud of my little lady.

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