15 July 2019

3 Weeks Old

Vanessa turned 3 weeks old on Sunday! Time is a strange concept, especially with sleep deprivation so it feels like she has been here a lot longer. She fits right in with our family. 

Things are still going pretty well. I think my poor baby has some form of reflux/tummy issues. She cries and grunts and squirms around when she eats and she also gags on occasion, which really freaks me out. I purchased gripe water last night in hopes that will work but I am not very confident. Anything safe is worth a try to give my baby some comfort though. 

She also smiles more now, which I know is just a reflex but sometimes she looks at me and I say something or make a funny face and she'll smile and it feels like it's in response to me. She also will smile and let out a little noise that sounds like a giggle/laugh when she sleeps. It is so cute. 

I'm doing better emotionally. I haven't had a crying/sad spell in awhile. Stress definitely got to Matt and I a bit and we argued the other day about who pitches in more, which is so stupid and I don't know why I was so frustrated. We both help with the kids and do our share. I just want to be recognized and appreciated and thanked a bit more for the sacrifices I make. Sacrifices I am more than happy to make I should add. Matt takes care of our family and is such a good dad, I know I shouldn't nit pick. Anyway, we're all good now. 

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