02 June 2019


Hello, June! I cannot believe a new month is here. I say that every month, but that's because time is going by so so fast. This month is going to fly by. There is always so much going on and there are less than 3 weeks until my due date.

This weekend Matt and Natalie went up to a family wedding in NJ. I decided months ago against going since I knew I would be big and pregnant and uncomfortable and there would be a small chance I could go into labor. The thought of them being gone, along with his mom and dad, frightened me a bit but I successfully did not go into labor this weekend.

Instead I worked my last Saturday before baby comes (Saturdays are long shifts, I will still work my regular schedule on Fridays until June 14th.) With Natalie I worked until I was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and gave birth to her on a Sunday morning after working a long Saturday shift the day before. I'm 7 1/2 years older now, much less in shape and we've changed salon locations so there is a lot of going up and down the stairs at work so I chose to cut my time a bit short as far as work goes.

It was a pretty relaxed weekend for me. My sister came over to change the clean the cat's litter box, so I had some company. We ordered food, baked brownies and she helped me a bit with some prep work for the last class craft party I am putting together for Natalie's class this month. We're going to make jellyfish sun catchers and that required me cutting out 20 outlines for the body and about 240 pieces of ribbon, whew.

I definitely missed my husband and daughter but I was happy to know they were having a good time celebrating with family. It was about a 4 hour drive up for them and Natalie did a good job keeping herself entertained and not complaining. They drove up with my mother in law and Matt said her and Natalie sang songs part of the way, which is really sweet. Natalie played some gold once at the hotel since they had a putting green. She danced and enjoyed herself at the wedding, but unfortunately has come back sick.

She had a cough that began a day or two before the trip, so I kind of saw this coming. I made sure to pack medicine up with her just in case. She is in good spirits, but feeling a bit lousy. She fell asleep in the car earlier when we were going to grocery shop. She complained of not feeling well on the way to the store so we headed home and she was out pretty quickly. It was a very short nap, maybe 15 minutes and she still seemed tired afterwards. I thought she would be so tired come bedtime but here we are at almost 10:30 and she is having chicken noodle soup. I gave her a bath and said I would read to her until she fell asleep in my bed. I read a few books, then gave her some nighttime cold medicine and rubbed her back before she asked me, "Mommy, are you sure there's nothing else that could help me feel better?" She suggested another bath but I told her that would have to wait til the morning, so she asked for hot soup and cold milk to soothe her throat. I am just surprised at her ability to stay awake after such a long weekend in addition to being under the weather, wow.

Anyway, she will most likely stay home with me tomorrow, which of course I don't mind. I know she will be disappointed to miss school, as her teacher is doing an alphabet countdown each day til the last day of school. They do something fun each day, like B for bubbles and go outside to blow bubbles. Tomorrow is M day and they're going to watch a movie and listen to music. Obviously she can do that at home with me but it's not quite the same thing.

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