16 June 2019

Father's Day 2019

With as spoiled and pampered as I have been so lucky to be lately I really wanted today to be special for Matt. Unfortunately being huge and pregnant along with being poor makes spoiling him as much as he deserves impossible.

Still I drug myself out of bed this morning to make him breakfast. The plan was him to stay in bed but he ended up out of bed before me, something that never happens, because our smoke detector batteries were low and it kept beeping. He changed them with what we thought were good batteries but it still was beeping so he had to call his dad (who lives 2 blocks away and is our handyman) who showed up with more batteries which did the trick. 

After that little fiasco I gave him breakfast and Natalie gave him a card she made for him last night. I also purchased him a 3 month membership for a hot sauce of the month club, since hot sauce is his main food group. He mowed our lawn, and later the three of us went to lunch, followed by a quick trip to the playground. Once back home we lied in bed and I gave him a back rub before he went on a long walk, something he really enjoys, while Natalie and I played lots of board games together. We finished the evening off by going out to dinner. 

I can't believe I get to raise another little human with this wonderful man soon. I honestly don't know a lot of fathers (or husbands/partners) that are as loving and devoted to their families as he is. I certainly didn't come from a stable, happy household, not by a long shot. Giving my kids a two parent home means the world to me. It also makes me feel so bad for all the kids who are missing so much at home because their parents don't have their shit together. 

I know relationships don't always work out between moms and dads, and a lot of the time it's for the better that they separate. It's just a huge shame that not many people can co-parent successfully for the sake of their children. I see so much drama and deadbeat parenting happening around me and it really does make me mad. Hell, I see uninvolved parents who are raising their kids in the same home together. 

I'm not perfect and I've made tons of mistakes in my life, in my relationship and in my parenting. I am flawed and will continue to make mistakes. As long as Matt and I walk this earth though we will do our best to make our family work and give our children the love and stability they need. 

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