20 June 2019

40 + Weeks

I knew I would see my due date come and go with no baby in my arms, even though I had moments of believing second babies come sooner, or just getting a feeling she might arrive before expected.

With Natalie I remember how long the very end of my pregnancy felt and it got a bit discouraging with each passing day. I have had my moments with Nugget where I felt desperate for her to come, but for the most part I have relaxed and am happy waiting, mostly because the finish line is in site. We have scheduled induction for Sunday. That's five days after my due date, which I think is a fair amount of time to wait. Sunday is also Matt's birthday, which he is excited about! I do kind of wish Nugget would have her own birthday, but even if I weren't induced there is a possibility of her being born on his birthday anyway. What makes it even more special to me is that I have had to change hospitals, so I will be delivering in D.C. which is where he was born too.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday and everything with baby is looking good. We did a non stress test which is where they put some monitors around my belly that track the baby's heart rate. I was given some animal crackers and cranberry juice then just lied in a chair for 20 or 30 minutes and pressed a button when I felt baby move. They said everything looked great! I was asked if I felt any of my contractions and that really surprised me. I have had cramps through every trimester. I have been having them a bit more lately perhaps. My doctor said I was having one at the moment she was talking to me but I didn't feel a thing. It's really confusing how the body works. She also tried to check my cervix to see if I've dilated but I have a tilted uterus and she was having a hard time feeling anything and didn't want to make me uncomfortable any more. I was a bit bummed to not find out if I have made any progress or not but it's going to happen soon enough so whatever. I have been having some pretty strong nausea since my due date that comes and goes but I don't know if that means labor is going to happen on it's own soon.

I can't believe how soon my life is going to change! Today is the last day of school and I am so proud of Natalie again. She kicks ass with her grades and behavior. She is reading at a level "O," which is above where she is expected to be and got all 4's on her progress report again. Her teacher said she's a joy to have and a good friend to her peers and always exited to learn! I am going to treat her to a Slurpee after school today to celebrate. :)

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