07 June 2019

38 Weeks

This week marks 38 weeks of pregnancy down! I had a doctor's visit Tuesday and we did a quick ultrasound to check to make sure my water wasn't leaking since my underwear randomly is damp at times. No leak and we confirmed we are having a girl!

My doctor also checked if I've dilated at all. Everything is still closed. That kind of surprises me, because I feel baby girl really low down and have been getting strong cramps and even feel a burning sensation in my lower right side at times. I thought for sure some movement had happened.

We talked about scheduling induction and I told her some dates after my due date that I would like to aim for. I just am waiting to hear back from the scheduling nurses at the hospital to see what's available. I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable with getting induced, though I still don't want to. I told Matt it's like knowing you're about to be shot in the head (yes I can be dramatic) instead of it just sneaking up on you like natural labor would. I don't understand why the cut off for an epidural is about an hour. I swear when I had Natalie I got the epidural and then pushed 30 minutes later or so. Maybe it's all a blur and it was closer to an hour but it wasn't long. I didn't go completely numb, as in I could still feel the contractions and it started to burn, but I didn't feel her exiting my body and was so thankful for that.

In non bodily news, today I hosted the last craft party for Natalie's class! We made jellyfish sun catchers. Her teacher asked for a craft that would take up a good amount of time and this definitely did so. Mostly because there was a lot of supplies to sort out and well, they're first graders, so...

Afterwards I sat on the bench outside the school for about 15 minutes until lunch time then went back in and visited for lunch. A couple other parent's showed up and it was just a good, happy, fun atmosphere. I am off tomorrow and then another busy week ahead with a prenatal massage, my birthday and last day of work (it's a hard life, I know).

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