23 May 2019

Zoo Field Trip

I remember how different life was last year at this time. Natalie was in kindergarten and she took her first field trip that I wasn't able to attend. I literally had a panic attack that day. It was rainy and they were going to see a play like 45 minutes away. To add fuel to my concerns a few days prior there had been a horrible school bus accident that killed several children in NJ. I was a mess. This time last year is also when I had my chemical pregnancy, so I am certain that the hormones from that were contributing to the emotions, I just didn't know it yet.

Today I was lucky enough to get to chaperone her field trip to the zoo. I had mixed feelings about signing up to go because last week when I took a walk I was having frequent cramps in addition to my back pain, but I felt so bad when I told Natalie I might not volunteer and she cried. I looked into purchasing a back brace, even getting a prenatal massage the day before the trip, but we took a little test drive on Sunday and walked around the Museum of American History, and I was in decent shape so I figured I could handle the zoo.

I am really glad I didn't chicken out and went. The other child in my group was easy going and I paced myself so it wasn't too challenging.

The animals were pretty active. We saw a gorilla roar and bang on a door, which was really exciting and a bit intimidating. We also saw a panda chomping on bamboo and a tiger take a dip in water too cool off. Poor Natalie did get poked in the eye by a laminated neck tag she had on while she played on the playground. Her eye still has a red spot and she was really worn out after that happened but ending up perking back up.

I don't know what life will be like this time next year, but I am feeling really lucky  to be able to experience these happy moments that are here now.

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