16 May 2019

One on One

With Mothers/Fathers Day, our anniversary, both mine and Matt's birthdays, plus the end of the school year and a due date approaching, May is certainly the start of the busy season for us until the end of June. 

I always look for reasons to keep busy though, so yesterday after Natalie had a dental check up (no cavities!) I took her on an outing to the playground and out for pizza and ice cream. It's hard to imagine how things will change when one on one time is sparse. I hope and dream to be a mom who makes time to give each of my children my sole attention every once in awhile. 

Right now I do a pretty good job making time for Natalie. I try to play with her when she asks (though that is a challenge on days I'm tired), I visit her at school and volunteer, I schedule special things to do like I did yesterday and I overall make sure to put down my phone and pay attention to her. I'm not perfect and I could certainly improve how I parent, but I know I show her I love her. I so look forward to another little one to give my love and attention to. 

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