28 May 2019

8th Anniversary

Today we celebrated 8 years of marriage! This years material was one of my favorites, because we got to incorporate it into our date: pottery. We booked a private pottery lesson at a place called Cafe Pottery. It was fun to try something out of my comfort zone (yes, that's how boring I am, I consider a pottery class beyond my comfort zone). We made a cup and a bowl each and then after the class we went to lunch, and after lunch we popped by the place we got married at, just to visit. We then went home and watched t.v. before a quick dinner and picking Natalie up from Matt's mom's house. All in all a great day. Natalie had one of the best days ever too and did not want to leave my mother in laws. She went to the dance studio with Linda (MIL) and then they went to the dollar store and out to hibachi for dinner! Almost sounds like a more fun date than mine and Matt's. :p 

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