21 May 2019

36 Weeks

I've gotten asked, "When is that baby coming?!" by a coworker and "Did you have your baby yet?" by a four year old, so it feels as if everyone around me is ready for Nugget to be born. 

Hard to believe looking at my belly that she has four more weeks of growing and stretching me out to do. I would love to be relieved of my back pain, which is by far the biggest (and pretty much only) complaint I have, but I am complacent with the timing of when she is supposed to arrive. 

Time is still passing at a very fast rate and life is going to be very different soon, so well I look forward to and welcome that change, I am just enjoying my life as I know it. 

At my last check up two weeks ago I was told Nugget is head down, though the doctor said she thought that the time before, at 32 weeks. A part of me feels like I won't make it to my due date, though that isn't based off of anything except a slight feeling (and maybe a bit of disbelief that I will get even bigger than I am). 

Something that recently started a week ago is cramps when I walk. Matt and I were taking a walk to get me a smoothie (one of the few things I crave) and I began to get some stomach cramps. They were slightly painful, so I don't know if it's braxton hicks or not. 

I had a check up today and everything went fine at the doctor's. I don't really care for my new doctor, I feel like she doesn't listen very well and just is in and out. We did a swab for strep b and she checked to see if I've dilated at all, which I have not. She said she doesn't think the baby will come before she's due. 

I have a field trip to chaperone on Thursday so after my appointment I went to Target to buy some maternity shorts. When I was leaving to go catch the bus I fell and busted my knee. It was pretty embarrassing. Luckily I didn't fall on my belly or injure myself more. A woman with a young son asked me if I was okay, and for some reason when I am upset or embarrassed I just cry any time I try to talk, which only makes me more embarrassed which only leads to more tears. She asked me if I wanted a hug, which I took. She gave me the biggest, most compassionate hug from a stranger I have ever had and I am pretty sure she started crying with me too. 

I don't have anything planned to do tomorrow and I am looking forward to that. 

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