20 April 2019

Salon Baby Shower

Today was my work baby shower (and the only baby shower I am having). It was a pretty short shower with a smaller group but the generosity from my co-workers was anything but small! One of my absolute favorite items was a lovey that someone hand made! It was so soft and cute and I just love the time and effort put into it. I also got really spoiled by one co-worker in particular who I've known for over 10 years and who has been supportive of the whole process it's taken to get where we are today.  I really loved all the items though and it seriously is just so thoughtful to give anything.

I still am not feeling so well from having a cold but there is so much I feel needs to be done. I already finished my thank you cards (yay me) but tomorrow is Easter and I have a lot of cleaning/putting stuff away and some food prepping to do (it's 10 minutes to midnight) that I will try to knock out before morning.

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