21 April 2019

Easter 2019

Another busy day is done and over with. 

Matt has now caught my never ending cold so he isn't feeling great. I've been having on and off headaches, nausea and a bit of random dizziness in addition to my stuffiness/congestion.

Like the Dayquill commercials say though: parents don't get sick days, so this Easter we did our usual traditions of an egg hunt in the morning for Natalie (she was very patient with us as we slowly got the morning started), then a visit to my mother in law, and ending the day at my parents house. 

We did a lot of sitting around while Natalie played outside with her cousin, my friends kids and a neighbor. Originally the weather was calling for rain, then it to be cloudy all day but it ended up being absolutely gorgeous and sunny. 

There is thankfully no school tomorrow. I am really not looking forward to it starting back up again and having to wake up early and send my baby off. I look forward to summer break and sleeping in and the luxury of deciding what we want to do with our day. I know life will get more challenging when the baby comes but I think the end of the school year is the perfect time for that change to come. 

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! 

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