25 April 2019

32 Weeks

I had a check up yesterday and will now be going to the doctor every 2 weeks. I am curious when/if there will be another sonogram appointment. I know with Natalie they checked her pretty late in pregnancy, I think when I was full term. I think that was standard and not because they thought there was a problem but I am not sure if that is still what is done today.

Overall I am feeling better, my cold is mostly gone. My back has been bothering me a lot more though. On Tuesday it was so painful that it made it hard to do much. I took a 2 mile walk in the morning that day and was really struggling. Sometimes my belly just feels heavy and uncomfortable too. My energy is so so. I am lucky that most the time I can rest however much I want during the day and I usually take a nap an hour before I get Natalie from school. Just sitting around gets boring and there is always something around the house that needs to be done, so I try to get everything done before taking it too easy.

The nursery, aka her side of our tiny room, is all put together. We had to mount the t.v. to the wall and move a dresser to make room for the crib. I added a painting and some wall decals (well, Natalie put most of them on) to make it more homey as well. I've checked more items off the registry and washed blankets and burp cloths in addition to cleaning out a couple drawers of mine for all the baby stuff.

I have a feeling there will be a bit of sibling jealousy when Nugget arrives. Natalie already has made comments how the baby is lucky because she gets xyz like a fluffy blanket with rainbows on it and such.

 "Is this your height limit?" (Don't worry, we're going to do something about the ugly cords.)
A special moment decorating little sis's room together. 

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