03 April 2019

29 Weeks

Hello, April! If time was flying fast before, it is going to speed up even more this month. We've got spring break coming up that includes a family wedding shower, a beach trip and then my baby shower right when we get back, plus Easter the day after my shower. Whew! 

Things are getting slightly less comfortable with my expanding and changing body, but nothing too bad...yet. Backaches are frequent,  my appetite has increased, I've started getting a hint of heartburn here and there, especially when I lie down and I also get winded pretty easily. Yesterday when I was just sitting down I felt out of breath and exhausted after no physical activity so that freaked me out a little but I think it's normal. I noticed my feet fall asleep easily too, so hopefully Nugget is just sitting on a nerve or disc or something and it's not a circulation issue. 

Another change that isn't physical but is definitely happening is irritability. Ugh. Matt thinks I am easily annoyed in general (which is kinda true, people are easily annoying) but I notice just how much more people are starting to get on my nerves lately. It's nothing major but I just don't feel like interacting with anyone much. 

I was told my belly "popped" which I can't really agree or disagree on since it's hard to know how big I've gotten since I see myself everyday. There are several things that factor in how big my belly looks too like what I'm wearing, how I'm standing, how big a meal I just had. I can't wait for the weather to get and stay warm, but I dread how hot and sweaty I'll be once May comes along. On nice days like today it's great to put on a comfy maxi dress and enjoy the mild weather. 

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