24 March 2019

Rude Comments and Hormones

Officially 2 days away from being in the 3rd trimester! While I am excited to enter the final stages of pregnancy, one thing I am not looking forward to is comments from strangers about my size. I had my first dose of that today, and I didn't even think I was showing THAT much. In fact I sometimes change my clothes looking to accentuate my belly, to look "more" pregnant. So much for that.

Someone asked me if I'm having triplets. Fucking triplets. So unbelievably rude. I was at work and it was a client who asked me, so all I could reply was, "no, just one," and carried on trying not to cry in front of the next guest who heard the whole thing. I was insulted and embarrassed and once everyone left I of course started to cry. I can't imagine how many more comments like this are going to happen in the next 12 weeks as I get even bigger.

I  wish I had a perfect comeback.I wish I weren't bothered by it.  I know it's the hormones making me overly sensitive to it and it shouldn't upset me so much. I should be proud of my big and growing belly and baby. The only person who should ever comment on a pregnant woman's weight is her doctor though.

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