19 March 2019

Peace of Mind

I am happy to say that I saw my doctor today, and everything checked out seemingly just fine. She checked the baby's heartbeat and measured me and said it all looked good so that was that.

I was told to do kick counts for reassurance by lying down with no distractions for an hour and see if the baby moves at least four times, or ten times in two hours. If I do not feel those movement in that time frame then I should be seen immediately. She said that at least once a year she has a patient who comes in and says they haven't felt the baby move in two days or so, and then it turns out the baby passed away. She said not to wait because if there is a problem then a baby is better off being delivered super early and being in the NICU than staying in the womb and dying. That breaks my heart so much for those moms, and makes me glad I went to checked out.

I got my Tdap vaccine and did my glucose tolerance test while I was there. Fingers crossed I don't have gestational diabetes! Nugget either really liked the glucose drink or really didn't like it, because she was moving a ton after I consumed it. I'm 27 weeks today and that is mind boggling to me that there are only 13 more weeks left. It still hasn't really sunk in but I can't wait!

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