28 March 2019

Pains and Games

This morning Natalie complained of a sore neck due to sleeping at a funny angle last night (my assumption, she fell asleep with a pillow that has arms and her head hanging over it, something she never does). I decided to let her stay home from school, something I feel was definitely the right decision given how much pain she was in. She had tears in her eyes even after she knew she was staying home, so I know she wasn't hamming it up to play hookie.

As the day went on the neck pain subsided but is still there a bit. We had a lazy morning and then after lunch got some fresh air outside and she rode her bike in the alley. Then she wanted to write down the name of every board and card game we have and put it in a pouch, then pull a name out and play that game. It took us 2 1/2 hours straight to get through all our games but we had fun. We played a very loose version of Scrabble and she kept saying things like, "Oh man, I wish I had a letter T," so I kept giving her the letters I had that she needed. I wasn't paying attention to the words she was making but at the end she showed me that she spelled out, "Mom is the best," and my heart melted. At one point during playing another game she said, "Should I whip us up some PB&J's?!" and I thought that was so cute and sweet that she offered to handle the snacks. After all the game playing we painted a sun catcher and canvas picture together.

Later as I was lying down I felt Nugget get the hiccups for the very first time, something that used to happen all the time when I was pregnant with Natalie. I called Natalie upstairs to feel it and she giggled at each throb. It's funny how Natalie used to get them all the time in utero and still gets hiccups easily to this day if she laughs too hard.

Tomorrow I took off work (Friday's are one of the few days I work) to plan and host another craft party for her class. We are going to make clothespin caterpillar magnets for spring. They're really cute and I did a good job finding a craft that's easy, useful and was on a budget (I only spent like $22 on supplies) so I am pretty proud! Best of all I get some extra time with my girl tomorrow, can't beat that!

Yes, yes I am. ;) 

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