27 March 2019

Hello, Third Trimester!

Time is such a strange and confusing concept sometimes. The older you get the faster it seems to pass and more warped it all seems. Looking back this pregnancy seems to have gone by so fast. There are only 12 more weeks left until my due date. The more uncomfortable I become the more time will slow down I am sure, but in the grand scheme of things 9 months is the blink of an eye

As much as you hope and wish for something to happen you sometimes miss the moments leading up to it all. I don't miss wishing to be pregnant. I don't even necessarily miss the first stages of my pregnancy. I do miss the happy and fun moments of pregnancy, like telling Natalie she's going to be a big sister, finding out she's getting a little sister and feeling my baby kick for the first time though. 

As much as I want to meet my baby I am just happily growing her along and enjoying life as a family of three. I feel guilty on the days I am irritable or too tired to do what Natalie wants to do and sometimes I question what kind of mom I'll be to two kids. I am lucky that Natalie is generally such a good, easy and understanding child. She's only 7 years old though and I can't expect her to not feel sad or neglected when her needs have to come second. 

I feel like I will be able to manage life with two kids okay, but babies are unpredictable and who knows what obstacles lie ahead. It's hard to imagine if I will have more or less energy than I do now with a newborn. My energy levels are definitely decreasing as I get further along this pregnancy. I remember at the end of pregnancy with Natalie I felt so drained. Overall everything with her went well, healthy and relatively easy and so far so good with this one too. I don't have much to update about, just feeling fairly tired most days and my crap back hurting more. 

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