05 March 2019

25 Weeks with Baby Nugget

I am more than halfway through this pregnancy. I feel baby girl kick and move every day. I constantly think about and dream of meeting the little one growing inside me. Yet somehow, someway, it still doesn't feel real. I am still in disbelief at how lucky I am. It's strange to imagine how life will be different in a little over 3 more months. The unknown is a bit scary, but when I picture the future I am mostly just excited about the changes ahead. I can't wait for Natalie to be a big sister and Matt and I to be parents to another child. 

Thus far I have been feeling great, with the exception of my lower back hurting quite frequently. I had a shitty back before I got pregnant that acted up from time to time, so it's not a new problem, just more exacerbated now. The online updates I read say baby is about 13 inches long and 1.5 lbs at this point. It's hard to believe she's that big and only going to get bigger. I know the third trimester is going to kick my ass so I am trying to be as non lazy as possible these days before I am too uncomfortable to be productive. It is nice that I work very part time hours each week, but I keep busy as usual with house work and school stuff for Natalie. 

In April we are planning on going up to NJ for a family wedding shower, and then heading to Ocean City for spring break. It's not a lavish vacation, but I am excited about the family time. Once we're back my boss is planning a salon baby shower for me on April 20th. I feel a little weird about having all eyes on me and the attention makes me a little uncomfortable, but I am happy to be celebrating this special time in my life and of course I appreciate her putting it all together. 

Speaking of putting things together, I have been receiving hand me downs for Nugget (baby girl) like clothes, books, toys and such from friends and family. We are going to be pretty prepared in terms of stuff, I just need to get things organized and set up. The plan is for Nugget to share a room with Matt and I for a few years, and then we can  rearrange things and the girls can share a room. There are definitely pros and cons to having such a large age gap between the kiddos, sharing a room might be one of them. I can see Natalie really wanting her privacy once she hits a certain age but we'll make it work. We have a small house but it's more than a lot of people have and I am more than okay with  getting rid of junk and things to make a better living space. 

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