30 January 2019

Little Sister

If you listen to old wives tales about pregnancy symptoms being related to the sex of the baby then Natalie should have been a boy. I had no morning sickness and virtually not a lot of other symptoms. I let that idea go to my head and I really did believe I was having a boy with her.

This pregnancy has been identical to the first. That made me believe I am having another girl, but I convinced myself not to get attached to that idea because I was wrong about the gender the first time. I even joked to a co-worker that my intuition is so wonky that I think this baby will be a boy since my gut feeling is telling me it's a girl.

Much to the delight of Natalie who wanted a little sister, IT'S A GIRL! Matt and I found out together at my sonogram, then filled a black balloon with pink confetti and had a mini gender reveal party. My sister in law, nephews, and some neighbors came over and we watched Natalie's face light up as pink confetti flew into the air!

The next day at school Natalie did a gender reveal of her own for her teacher and even though she wears a uniform she accessorized it with pink from head to toe. Her teacher was happy and excited too and eve let Natalie go to her former kindergarten teachers classroom to give her the news, which I thought was super sweet and thoughtful.

I am so glad to bring another child into our world of love and support within the community and our family.

20 weeks pregnant 

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