03 January 2019

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 5 1/2 months until our baby arrives, or as Natalie pointed out, maybe earlier.

Natalie: You and Daddy have been married 7 years, right?
Me: 7 1/2, it'll be 8 in May.
Natalie: Oh, May what?
Me: May 28th, so the end of May.
Natalie: So almost June. You're going to be very pregnant on your next anniversary. The baby might even be born, since some babies are born early.

Thanks for the dose of reality, my smart girl!

This new year has started off well. I obviously wasn't hungover on the 1st, so that was a plus .The weather was nice, mild with a bit of a breeze but no rain. We took a family trip to the playground, then went out to lunch, then did some shopping at Target where Natalie burned through her Christmas/birthday gift cards and some cash she's saved and bought a giant LOL surprise toy. She spent the rest of the afternoon playing with it, then we headed to my father in laws house for a delicious steak dinner.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were good, minus the random stomach bug Natalie ended up getting the night before Christmas eve. We went out to dinner at Outback, then at about 1 a.m. Natalie came in our room and complained of a stomach ache. She had been on and off sick since her birthday, but that was with more cold like symptoms. She eventually ended up getting physically ill, so Christmas eve I stayed in bed with her all day, trying everything in my power to make her comfortable. She wanted me right by her side every waking second. By nightfall she was still in kinda rough shape but well enough to visit at Matt's mom's house where family was having dinner and then exchanging gifts. She perked up once she was there and we had a great time visiting and opening gifts as well as watching our nephews enjoy their gifts.

Christmas day was spent at my parent's house. My niece Bridget is so sweet and waited until we arrived there in the afternoon before she opened a single present. I told her she could get started without us, but she said it was okay and she would wait. Not an easy task for a 9 year old to do! We played games and lounged around on the couch for awhile after gifts, then I helped my 12 year old niece clean her (very messy) room and redecorate with some items she received for Christmas. We ordered Chinese food for dinner, so no one having to cook was involved, and it was great. Then we popped by my sister's house who lives a couple blocks from my folks but didn't make it, and saw more of my nieces and nephews, who I don't get to see often.

Today was the first day back at school, and I sure do wish the winter break were longer, just to have more time together. I always enjoy my time with just my girl, but knowing how much life is going to change with a sibling on the way just makes me want to be together even more.

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