22 January 2019

First Kicks

As special as things like the first time you hear your baby's heartbeat, or first time you feel your baby kick is, it's hard to remember exact dates of these events if you don't document them right away.

It's said women who are pregnant for a second or more time feel a baby kick earlier than first time moms. I don't remember what week it was when I felt Natalie kick for the first time, I do remember I had a doctor visit and the doctor told me I would feel the baby soon, and sure enough either that day or the next I felt my first real movement from her. 

I've been trying hard to tune in to my body and any little rumble I feel I want it to be the baby. I have felt a sensation that I can best describe as the feeling of carbonation in my belly for a few weeks here and there. I do believe those were probably the baby moving around, but it's so subtle that it is hard to say for sure. 

Everything I read says moms should feel the baby move by 18 weeks, and given that this isn't my first child and second time moms are supposed to feel it earlier, I was feeling really anxious that I haven't felt something for sure. A few days ago I tried bending down, poking my stomach, I even shone a flashlight on my belly in hopes to get the baby to move and feel it. Nothing worked. I woke up as I do sometimes in the early morning hours on Sunday night/Monday morning about 3:30 a.m. I was laying on my left side and felt a definite kick. It made me so happy and relieved. 

Today I was laying down on my back, watching T.V. and felt a pretty big kick, followed by some smaller motions. I laughed and then cried a little as a typical hormonal woman does. I am so happy! 

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