28 January 2019

Brother or Sister?

Tonight I write this with only a few hours left not knowing if my child will be a boy or girl. While I'm excited for the big reveal tomorrow morning, I have been enjoying the mystery thus far. It's been fun to switch between imagining life with another little girl and the bond I hope her and Natalie will have one day like only sisters can, or envisioning a fun, energetic little boy who will take our family on new adventures. I am so happy that my daughter gets a sibling. Having siblings myself I can safely say that whether it's a brother or sister, either way they'll drive each other (and Matt and I) crazy. :)

Little baby, whoever you are I love you so much already and I know that our connection will only get stronger from here. I can't wait to see you on the sonogram screen tomorrow and your big sister sure is excited to find out if you're her little brother or little sister. We're all so lucky to have each other.

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