04 December 2018


Wow, Natalie is seven years old today and that sounds so much older than six for some reason.

This past Saturday we let Natalie pick a friend to accompany her to lunch and the trampoline park, then we hosted a slumber party with four of her best friends. The slumber party was a bit of a disaster with the mixture of different personalities clashing, plus tired, sugar laced kids, but what can ya do? In the big picture it wasn't about who was bickering with who, or what drama arose, but about coming together to celebrate our sweet daughter and friend!

Each year we usually have a small family get together at my mother in laws house with my side of the family and Matt's side, but this year I just couldn't bring myself to plan the party with her friends and a separate one with family. My mother in law wanted to be able to give her her presents and partake in some celebrating, so on Sunday she baked some cupcakes and we showed up, along with my father in law and brother in law, plus his two boys. It was super low key, relaxed and I didn't have to do a damn thing in regards to planning.

 Last year we had a party at a M Gym and invited Natalie's whole class (not everyone came)  and then we had a family party afterwards and it was just draining.  The family parties aren't ever extravagant and don't require a whole lot of effort, but I think I am really leaning towards just focusing on throwing her a nice little bash with her friends each year instead.

Today I brought her a happy meal for lunch at school. She was wearing a special birthday crown from her teacher and received lots of happy birthday wishes from the staff. One boy in her class got up twice to come say happy birthday and give her a hug, it was so sweet.

I want to do a little "interview" with her later to share, but for now here is a bit about her personality and likes these days: She is very athletic, and really enjoys gymnastics. She loves challenges and competition and pretends everything is an obstacle course. She loves watching talent shows, and American Ninja Warrior. She likes to be a performer and sing and dance and put on presentations for us. She is really good and sweet with her younger cousins. She likes to be a leader and a helper. Since the day she was born she has had a hard time with sleep, and that hasn't changed in seven years. She is a deep sleeper once she goes down, but she just has trouble getting there. It isn't anything I've considered calling a doctor about, I just think some people get spurts of energy at night and she's one of them.

Happy birthday again, dear Natalie! There is no doubt that you are such a loved and cared for (even spoiled) girl. Your family, friends, neighbors, classmates and teachers adore you. You are so so lucky to have the life that you do, and I only hope one day you look back on all the love you are showered with and feel your heart bursting with gratitude

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