27 December 2018

2018 (The Highlights)

Now that the chaos of Christmas is over, and with the new year inching closer and closer, holding a huge life changing event in store for my family and I, it's time to reflect and relive the past year.

I look back on some memories and wish I could feel as much fondness in my heart about them as I want to, but the truth is I was depressed and overall just felt unwell for a big chunk of the year. I wasn't taking good care of myself, and it took it's toll on my body and mind.

Nonetheless, I want to document some of this years better moments before another whirlwind of a year begins and these memories are blurs. Natalie had her kindergarten celebration to end the school year and start our summer, which was a big deal since she completed her first year of school ever! The first vacation we took was up to New Jersey for a cousins graduation party, and it is always fun visiting that bunch of family. They're some of the nicest, easiest to get along with people I've ever met, plus they have a swimming pool, so that's a bonus. ;)

After Jersey we headed directly to Maryland to visit my best friend Erin and her husband and son in their time share at Bethany Beach. We stayed there for about 3 days and enjoyed meeting and hanging out with her extended family. We had cook outs and went shopping and soaked up some sun.

In August we visited Kings Dominion amusement park before school started back up and it was so much fun! I am a huge wuss, I don't even like being on the metro when it's up high, so I do not like roller coasters or pretty much anything that isn't bumper cars. Natalie is such a brave girl who loves a challenge and seeks adventure, so she was ready to go on any ride her height allowed. Matt took her and my niece on the rides I wasn't up for and my sister and I found ones that I wasn't too chicken shit to do. We went to their wave pool and lazy river and ended up staying at the park from open to close.

After school started back up and we settled into the swing of things, I was already yearning for another family vacation, so come Columbus day weekend I booked a trip to Massanutten, VA  to enjoy the seclusion of the Blue Ridge mountains. My sister and niece came along and we stayed in an amazing 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with a jacuzzi tub, fireplace and beautiful view. We visited an awesome indoor water park (the main reason for the trip) and had such a good time! As brave as Natalie was at Kings Dominion she sure had a change in attitude when it came to the water slides. It took me so much convincing to get her to try even the smallest slide. She eventually came around and by the time we left she went on even the biggest tube slide (and I mean it was huge and fast, I was scared on it, but I guess that doesn't say much) in the park.

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