07 January 2016

Is This Thing On?

Hi anyone out there who is still getting updates from me!

I just wanted to touch base after two years to say everyone is doing well.

In all honesty I stopped blogging because I could not renew my personal blog domain (or at least could not figure out how to) so I lost my site's URL and then just gave up. If you're reading this though, the new address for my blog is ablogaboutlove.blogspot.com

That's the original name I came up with about seven years ago before Matt and I were even engaged. :) I started the blog just to talk about our relationship and how enamored I was with him, plus home ideas that I dreamed about doing once our slob of a roommate moved out.

Anyway, after two years of no updates, I am happy to say there is very little to report.

That to me is a good thing. Life is stable. We've welcomed a new nephew into the world about 9 month ago (Matt's brother's wife) and are getting ready to welcome twin girl's into the world in a couple of months (my sister)!

That is the extent of all the excitement.

Otherwise all is well with Matt, Natalie and I and I couldn't be happier. Natalie turned 4 on December 4th and had a great day! My mother in law and I took her to lunch, the movie and then out for ice cream. Life is grand!