17 September 2013

Too Close to Home: Navy Yard Shooting

In the aftermath of any tragedy that takes place in our country, especially one as violent and random as a mass shooting, I think everyone experiences thoughts of, "What if that were me in the wrong place at the wrong time?" "What if it were a loved one of mine?"

It's easy to imagine you or someone you know could have been a victim, considering how common they are and the places where most tragedies took place. Shopping malls, movies theaters, schools, etc.

Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for the day, Matt yelled up to me from downstairs, "My dad left me a voice mail saying there was a shooting at Bobby's job." (Bobby is Matt's older brother, and only sibling.) He works at the Navy Yard in D.C. Luckily for us we found out that Bobby was okay at the same time we learned about the shooting. Still, the rest of the day carried on feeling a bit surreal and strange.

I saw endless updates online and on the news, wondering what could drive someone to do such a thing. I ached for those who lost their lives, and I feared how differently the scenario could have played out for my family.

Bobby was on the first floor in the building while the shooting took place. The gunman started shooting on the third floor down into the cafeteria (the building is open like an atrium) and then worked his way up to the fourth floor and shot more people. Someone pulled the fire alarm, and people started to evacuated.

I'm unsure if my brother in law knew about the shooting before he fled the building due to the fire alarm (I don't think he did) but the next Matt talked to him he said they were all on lock down and SWAT teams were surrounding the buildings.

Eventually that evening Bobby made it home after his soon to be bride, Stephanie, (they're getting married October 13th) picked him up at a designated area for family members to greet loved one's.

It was fate and luck on our side that my husband didn't lose a brother, my in laws didn't lose a son and my daughter didn't lose an uncle (her favorite one at that), and I am so grateful.

My heart is with all the loved one's of those who lost a family member. I wish there were more words I could offer on that. I wish I could say something uplifting and meaningful but I know I can't. Just know my heart is with you.

Bobby and Stephanie embracing once being reunited (Steph's dad, Harry, is in the background). Pictures via The Washington Post. 

13 September 2013

Ocean City Trip

My family and I were lucky enough to take a weekend trip down to Ocean City, Maryland this past weekend. My sister, her two daughters and a family friend joined us, so we rented a minivan and packed everyone up on Saturday morning.

The trip wasn't ideal, since Natalie was sick with a cold and cranky most days, then I got sick and cranky the last day, but we still made the best of it. My nieces loved the beach and said, "Can we come back tomorrow?" when we were leaving to go back home.

I was glad to spend time with my family, sick or not, and that's all that matters.

Stopped at at a tiny amusement park on the way. She loved the rides, but never showed any facial expression. That's my robot baby! 

Laughing at and copying my niece who was crawling around, being silly. 
I've never seen a kid who loves sand so much!

Pretty in blue. 

Rare smile. 

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