30 August 2013

Bad Day Turned Good

No matter what line of work you're in, you are bound to experience a bad day now and then. A day where everything seems to be going wrong.

Computers malfunction, phone calls are coming in non-stop, and you feel overwhelmed with too much on your plate. We've all been there and today was my day. 

Shit hit the fan all at once and I was left dealing with someone else's mistakes and two very upset clients. (I am a receptionist at a hair salon, the error was a booking conflict.) I was overwhelmed and in a difficult situation. I generally have a very low stress job, and I'll admit that I often let my emotions get the best of me and I crack under pressure. Today I cracked, just a little. 

Everything worked out in the end, thanks to my amazing co-worker who saved my ass, but I was left feeling upset and like my job completely sucks. That was, until, a client showed up with a simple yet uplifting gift for me: bread. 

Last time this client was in she had just stopped by Cosi's (a little sandwich joint) before coming to her appointment, and I told her how much I enjoyed their bread, so sweet as she is, she bought a whole box of it and gave it to me this time.

It made my day and reminded me of all the other times clients have been incredibly generous to me.

There was the time around Christmas that a man asked me if he were allowed to tip me (there's no policy against it, but I insisted that he not), but he handed me a little cash and said, "You answer the phone like a boss." (That's slang for I do a good job.) 

There was the time I called to confirm a woman's appointment and she was so happy she had the appointment and I reminded her of it, that the next day she showed up with a bag of chocolates for me. (I really didn't do her any favors, but it was still nice of her.)

And the time I was pregnant and a terminally ill client who came in once a week named Jakki said to me, "I'm sorry I didn't get you a card for the baby." She handed me a $50 dollar bill, and I asked her how she wanted her change to tip the stylist broken down. She looked confused and said, "No, that's for you." Sadly that was the last time I ever saw her, as she passed away from stomach cancer soon after.

It isn't about the money or gifts that people from time to time give me, and I hope I don't sound greedy because of this post. It's about the fact that I do build personal relationships with customers. They make me feel appreciated and like I make a difference in their day. They certainly make a difference in mine. 

28 August 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I feel like the luckiest person ever to be the mama of this little girl. 

26 August 2013

Leave Miley Alone

Anyone with the internet has by now heard about Miley Cyrus's sexual ridden performance at the VMA's last night, and oh my goodness has it sparked merciless ridicule.

A few jokes here and there I thought were funny, but holy fuck, can people let it go already? Really. I've seen link after link on social media to articles about how her "twerking" and "grinding" is affecting the physiology of young girls who "look up to her as a role model".

I've got a few things to say about this whole thing.

1. This is not the first time she's done something bat shit crazy. If parent's are still letting their daughters who watched Hannah Montana back in the day idolized this now 20 year old, then there is a serious lack of adult supervision going on in that household.

2. We don't know this girl personally. We don't know the pressure she faced growing up as a Disney star. And yes, she did sign up for the fame but still, it doesn't mean she didn't get screwed up along the way. You can't tell me you never dreamed about being rich and famous when you were young and still had a soul.

3. I don't agree with the way she acted, not at all, but she is a "musician," a "performer," an "artist," if you will. This is not the first time a woman had acted provocatively for the sake of entertainment. Has everyone forgotten the time three women made out with each other live on stage to grab the attention of the audience and then received a standing ovation? I personally think that was way more over the top than this.

No, I'm not a fan of hers. Before Youtubing her performance after all the backlash, I had never heard a song she's sang. Yes, the things she did were trashy and tasteless, but if people are genuinely concerned about her setting an example for the youth then they are completely screwed for that very reason. If morals and values exist within a household and family, then this shouldn't even be a topic of conversation.

The same way I don't worry about Barbie having any influence on my toddler girl is the same way good parent's of adolescent's should feel about the way celebrities are perceived by their children.

24 August 2013

Don't Raise a Shithead

The other day I received an unpleasant reminder of what the future of being a parent holds: bullies.

Of course it's crossed my mind from time to time how Natalie will eventually encounter another child who's a jerk to her for no reason, but it seemed like it would be years away, most likely when she entered elementary school.

Wrong. Assholes come in every age, I've learned.

If you think I'm being harsh or picking on an innocent child, just hear me out.

Natalie and I are at the park on Thursday and a little boy we saw the day before (about 3 or 3 1/2 years old) immediately runs up to us, says, "Don't play with me!" and pokes her with a stick.

 I assumed this was his way of trying to get her attention and in return get her to play with him, so I let it go. Then he poked her again and again and again, so I told him she didn't like it and to stop. (She actually didn't have a reaction to it, but it was pissing me off.) So he runs off.

Then I'm sitting on a step, playing with Natalie and filling a bucket up with mulch. He comes up to me and is all, "I'm a monster! Raaarw" I think, "Aw, how cute! He wants to play." so I go along with it. "Oh, no, you're a monster! Ahh!"

Then he smacks me right in my face. Right in my fucking face.

Containing my frustration, I told him not to hit people, as I looked up to find whoever was supervising him. There was a group of nannies, one of which I knew he was with but not sure just who. One was looking at us and just laughed. The boy ignores me again and runs off.

Later he snatches the bucket Natalie is playing with from her hands. I tell him that we should leave the bucket in a place where everyone can play with it (we were still filling it with mulch and other kids were playing too). Again, no respect for what I say and he doesn't share. (At this point a woman is standing near us and I assume this was his nanny, but she said nothing to him other than to share with another little girl whining for the bucket. Undoubtedly, he doesn't listen to her either.) Natalie really wants her bucket at this point, and I ask for it back more sternly. He throws the bucket at her and misses, fortunately.

More bad behavior like this continues, like running up to Natalie and sticking his tongue out inches from her face while making a farting noise. That was harmless, and she thought it was funny, but it irritated me anyway.

I tried not to let this little hellion ruin our time at the park but I just felt anxiety while there. What's he going to do next? Is he going to do something to hurt her? 

I could have handled the situation differently, I know. I could have asked to know who was looking after the boy and told her about his actions. It seemed petty to confront her about it and I didn't know what to say.

"Hey, the kid you're with is a shithead who keeps picking on my daughter, please control him."Was the best I could think of, and I'm pretty sure things wouldn't have gone over well had I said that.

I know children have their own distinct personalities and some just so happen to be more aggressive than others. I also know that a lack of discipline and failing to address poor behavior results in a child who does whatever he/she pleases. I don't really blame the boy for his actions, it is the nanny's fault for not being observant and redirecting the boy's behavior. I assume the shortcomings take place at home with the parent's as well.

Principle of the story is to keep your children in line. Give them rules, structure and for goodness sake, stop ignoring bad behavior. It seems like a simple solution to avoid raising a brat who has no respect for others.