17 September 2013

Too Close to Home: Navy Yard Shooting

In the aftermath of any tragedy that takes place in our country, especially one as violent and random as a mass shooting, I think everyone experiences thoughts of, "What if that were me in the wrong place at the wrong time?" "What if it were a loved one of mine?"

It's easy to imagine you or someone you know could have been a victim, considering how common they are and the places where most tragedies took place. Shopping malls, movies theaters, schools, etc.

Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for the day, Matt yelled up to me from downstairs, "My dad left me a voice mail saying there was a shooting at Bobby's job." (Bobby is Matt's older brother, and only sibling.) He works at the Navy Yard in D.C. Luckily for us we found out that Bobby was okay at the same time we learned about the shooting. Still, the rest of the day carried on feeling a bit surreal and strange.

I saw endless updates online and on the news, wondering what could drive someone to do such a thing. I ached for those who lost their lives, and I feared how differently the scenario could have played out for my family.

Bobby was on the first floor in the building while the shooting took place. The gunman started shooting on the third floor down into the cafeteria (the building is open like an atrium) and then worked his way up to the fourth floor and shot more people. Someone pulled the fire alarm, and people started to evacuated.

I'm unsure if my brother in law knew about the shooting before he fled the building due to the fire alarm (I don't think he did) but the next Matt talked to him he said they were all on lock down and SWAT teams were surrounding the buildings.

Eventually that evening Bobby made it home after his soon to be bride, Stephanie, (they're getting married October 13th) picked him up at a designated area for family members to greet loved one's.

It was fate and luck on our side that my husband didn't lose a brother, my in laws didn't lose a son and my daughter didn't lose an uncle (her favorite one at that), and I am so grateful.

My heart is with all the loved one's of those who lost a family member. I wish there were more words I could offer on that. I wish I could say something uplifting and meaningful but I know I can't. Just know my heart is with you.

Bobby and Stephanie embracing once being reunited (Steph's dad, Harry, is in the background). Pictures via The Washington Post. 

13 September 2013

Ocean City Trip

My family and I were lucky enough to take a weekend trip down to Ocean City, Maryland this past weekend. My sister, her two daughters and a family friend joined us, so we rented a minivan and packed everyone up on Saturday morning.

The trip wasn't ideal, since Natalie was sick with a cold and cranky most days, then I got sick and cranky the last day, but we still made the best of it. My nieces loved the beach and said, "Can we come back tomorrow?" when we were leaving to go back home.

I was glad to spend time with my family, sick or not, and that's all that matters.

Stopped at at a tiny amusement park on the way. She loved the rides, but never showed any facial expression. That's my robot baby! 

Laughing at and copying my niece who was crawling around, being silly. 
I've never seen a kid who loves sand so much!

Pretty in blue. 

Rare smile. 

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30 August 2013

Bad Day Turned Good

No matter what line of work you're in, you are bound to experience a bad day now and then. A day where everything seems to be going wrong.

Computers malfunction, phone calls are coming in non-stop, and you feel overwhelmed with too much on your plate. We've all been there and today was my day. 

Shit hit the fan all at once and I was left dealing with someone else's mistakes and two very upset clients. (I am a receptionist at a hair salon, the error was a booking conflict.) I was overwhelmed and in a difficult situation. I generally have a very low stress job, and I'll admit that I often let my emotions get the best of me and I crack under pressure. Today I cracked, just a little. 

Everything worked out in the end, thanks to my amazing co-worker who saved my ass, but I was left feeling upset and like my job completely sucks. That was, until, a client showed up with a simple yet uplifting gift for me: bread. 

Last time this client was in she had just stopped by Cosi's (a little sandwich joint) before coming to her appointment, and I told her how much I enjoyed their bread, so sweet as she is, she bought a whole box of it and gave it to me this time.

It made my day and reminded me of all the other times clients have been incredibly generous to me.

There was the time around Christmas that a man asked me if he were allowed to tip me (there's no policy against it, but I insisted that he not), but he handed me a little cash and said, "You answer the phone like a boss." (That's slang for I do a good job.) 

There was the time I called to confirm a woman's appointment and she was so happy she had the appointment and I reminded her of it, that the next day she showed up with a bag of chocolates for me. (I really didn't do her any favors, but it was still nice of her.)

And the time I was pregnant and a terminally ill client who came in once a week named Jakki said to me, "I'm sorry I didn't get you a card for the baby." She handed me a $50 dollar bill, and I asked her how she wanted her change to tip the stylist broken down. She looked confused and said, "No, that's for you." Sadly that was the last time I ever saw her, as she passed away from stomach cancer soon after.

It isn't about the money or gifts that people from time to time give me, and I hope I don't sound greedy because of this post. It's about the fact that I do build personal relationships with customers. They make me feel appreciated and like I make a difference in their day. They certainly make a difference in mine. 

28 August 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I feel like the luckiest person ever to be the mama of this little girl. 

26 August 2013

Leave Miley Alone

Anyone with the internet has by now heard about Miley Cyrus's sexual ridden performance at the VMA's last night, and oh my goodness has it sparked merciless ridicule.

A few jokes here and there I thought were funny, but holy fuck, can people let it go already? Really. I've seen link after link on social media to articles about how her "twerking" and "grinding" is affecting the physiology of young girls who "look up to her as a role model".

I've got a few things to say about this whole thing.

1. This is not the first time she's done something bat shit crazy. If parent's are still letting their daughters who watched Hannah Montana back in the day idolized this now 20 year old, then there is a serious lack of adult supervision going on in that household.

2. We don't know this girl personally. We don't know the pressure she faced growing up as a Disney star. And yes, she did sign up for the fame but still, it doesn't mean she didn't get screwed up along the way. You can't tell me you never dreamed about being rich and famous when you were young and still had a soul.

3. I don't agree with the way she acted, not at all, but she is a "musician," a "performer," an "artist," if you will. This is not the first time a woman had acted provocatively for the sake of entertainment. Has everyone forgotten the time three women made out with each other live on stage to grab the attention of the audience and then received a standing ovation? I personally think that was way more over the top than this.

No, I'm not a fan of hers. Before Youtubing her performance after all the backlash, I had never heard a song she's sang. Yes, the things she did were trashy and tasteless, but if people are genuinely concerned about her setting an example for the youth then they are completely screwed for that very reason. If morals and values exist within a household and family, then this shouldn't even be a topic of conversation.

The same way I don't worry about Barbie having any influence on my toddler girl is the same way good parent's of adolescent's should feel about the way celebrities are perceived by their children.

24 August 2013

Don't Raise a Shithead

The other day I received an unpleasant reminder of what the future of being a parent holds: bullies.

Of course it's crossed my mind from time to time how Natalie will eventually encounter another child who's a jerk to her for no reason, but it seemed like it would be years away, most likely when she entered elementary school.

Wrong. Assholes come in every age, I've learned.

If you think I'm being harsh or picking on an innocent child, just hear me out.

Natalie and I are at the park on Thursday and a little boy we saw the day before (about 3 or 3 1/2 years old) immediately runs up to us, says, "Don't play with me!" and pokes her with a stick.

 I assumed this was his way of trying to get her attention and in return get her to play with him, so I let it go. Then he poked her again and again and again, so I told him she didn't like it and to stop. (She actually didn't have a reaction to it, but it was pissing me off.) So he runs off.

Then I'm sitting on a step, playing with Natalie and filling a bucket up with mulch. He comes up to me and is all, "I'm a monster! Raaarw" I think, "Aw, how cute! He wants to play." so I go along with it. "Oh, no, you're a monster! Ahh!"

Then he smacks me right in my face. Right in my fucking face.

Containing my frustration, I told him not to hit people, as I looked up to find whoever was supervising him. There was a group of nannies, one of which I knew he was with but not sure just who. One was looking at us and just laughed. The boy ignores me again and runs off.

Later he snatches the bucket Natalie is playing with from her hands. I tell him that we should leave the bucket in a place where everyone can play with it (we were still filling it with mulch and other kids were playing too). Again, no respect for what I say and he doesn't share. (At this point a woman is standing near us and I assume this was his nanny, but she said nothing to him other than to share with another little girl whining for the bucket. Undoubtedly, he doesn't listen to her either.) Natalie really wants her bucket at this point, and I ask for it back more sternly. He throws the bucket at her and misses, fortunately.

More bad behavior like this continues, like running up to Natalie and sticking his tongue out inches from her face while making a farting noise. That was harmless, and she thought it was funny, but it irritated me anyway.

I tried not to let this little hellion ruin our time at the park but I just felt anxiety while there. What's he going to do next? Is he going to do something to hurt her? 

I could have handled the situation differently, I know. I could have asked to know who was looking after the boy and told her about his actions. It seemed petty to confront her about it and I didn't know what to say.

"Hey, the kid you're with is a shithead who keeps picking on my daughter, please control him."Was the best I could think of, and I'm pretty sure things wouldn't have gone over well had I said that.

I know children have their own distinct personalities and some just so happen to be more aggressive than others. I also know that a lack of discipline and failing to address poor behavior results in a child who does whatever he/she pleases. I don't really blame the boy for his actions, it is the nanny's fault for not being observant and redirecting the boy's behavior. I assume the shortcomings take place at home with the parent's as well.

Principle of the story is to keep your children in line. Give them rules, structure and for goodness sake, stop ignoring bad behavior. It seems like a simple solution to avoid raising a brat who has no respect for others.

19 July 2013

Little Boy, Big Heart

I wanted to share a really sweet story about my nephew with you all in hopes it might brighten your day just a bit.

Yesterday my sister was running some errands with her six year old son, Colin, and while leaving the shopping mall they were at he said he was hungry. Being in a rush, they stopped at McDonald's in the food court and grabbed some lunch to go. Colin munched on some fries in the back of the car, and was excited when he peeled off his monopoly game pieces and won a free Big Mac.

While stopped at a red light, he spotted a man with a grocery cart sitting on a corner and asked my sister why the man would be outside in the heat. Continuing on their way, my sister explained that the man was probably homeless.

Not quite sure what that meant, he asked his mother to explain. After she told him what it meant, he grew very concerned and told her to turn the car around because he needed to give his meal to the man.

They turned around and pulled up to the curb where the man was. My sister rolled down the window and asked if the man was hungry. He replied, "Very" and my sister handed him the food along with the ticket for a free sandwich, per my nephew's request.

The man got the biggest smile on his face and gave a thumbs up as they drove off. After my sister praised her son for his good deed, he told her that despite being hungry himself, he had had breakfast that day and the homeless man probably hadn't. To him, it was no big deal.

I can't believe what a sweet, compassionate young man my nephew is blossoming into and I couldn't be more proud of him! That's a very big thing for someone so small to do.

13 July 2013

My Toddler Girl

When I thought being a parent to a baby was hard, I was delusional.

Baby Natalie was a breeze compared to toddler Natalie. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love being a mom to a 19 month old, she is so much fun- it's just that she is more difficult now that her little attitude is starting to make it's debut.

95% of the time she is the sweetest thing. She is affectionate and gives hugs and kisses and cuddles for short amounts of time, but holy hell, if that girl doesn't get her way she will flip the switch in a second.

Thank goodness she has so many redeemable personality traits, like silliness and smarts (being adorable also helps) to make up for the meltdowns and tantrums.

Everyday there's something new with Natalie. She says new words, finds new ways to communicate if she can't find the words, or makes up new games.

Here are some other changes that have been going on:

-We're still working on numbers but she is finally starting to get the concept down. It seems like something that she will just all of a sudden know one day without me pushing too hard. We had the T.V. on one day and someone said, "One, two, three, four!" and on her own I heard Natalie say, "Five, six, eight!" I was so impressed (even if she was off by one number), but she hasn't done it again since.

- Colors are also something she doesn't seem too interested in, but she knows that red traffic lights mean stop and green one's mean go. If I ask her what color something is, she doesn't always get it right, but she will tell me the right color of something on her own (like saying, "blue socks" if she's wearing blue socks).

-She's still a Daddy's girl through and through, but she needs me to go to sleep. I love taking naps with her and putting her to bed at night.

-She had a routine check up this week (it was supposed to be her 18 month visit, but we got a month off track) and she is 24 lbs, and 34 1/2 inches tall! That's the 51st and 97th percentile.

-She is becoming more attached to certain toys, like baby dolls and puppy dogs. She imitates things we do for her and does them for her baby, like feeding, taking her on walks in the stroller and changing her diaper.

-Forgive me if this is TMI, but she used the potty for the first time this week. Twice! I am in no rush to start potty training (no diapers mean more accidents to clean up) but we needed a urine sample for the doctor, so I had to get her to go. It didn't take too long, we just sat there and read some books for maybe 15 minutes and she did it. I clapped and cheered and she looked so proud. A few days after that she actually asked me to go potty, I asked if she wanted some books, left the room to get some, came back and she already went!

- Speaking of praise, she absolutely loves it. She is back to being a picky eater, so to get her to try something new, or even eat in general, I tell her I'll clap for her if she does. She usually agrees, eats it and claps for herself as well. Sometimes she'll put the food in her mouth, clap and then spit it out. At least she gives a try though!

-Another way to get her to eat is to tell her what the texture of food is like. Example: "Try this watermelon, it's so juicy!" or "Have some avocado, it's really creamy."

That's all the rambling I can do for now! Until next time, my friends!

With Mam-mam and Pap-pap. People used to always tell me she looks like Matt's mom, but I am now starting to really see it.

July 4th, 2012 (7 months) and July 4th, 2013 (19 months). 

10 June 2013

Perfect Date

Last night Matt took me out for an early birthday dinner (my birthday is this Wednesday, the 12th) and we had a blast!

 He surprised me with a dinner boat cruise on the Potomac River, something I've never done before. It was one of our best dates ever!

We ate and drank and laughed and were entertained by other people's dancing (because we do not dance for good reasons). We went out onto the upper deck of the boat after dinner and just enjoyed each other's company.

The weather was so perfect, nice and breezy and cool. It was cloudy but the sun peeked out and the sky looked beautiful. It was so relaxing and romantic. I even got chilly at one point and wore Matt's suit jacket, because we're fucking adorable like that.

Without any warning the sky opened up and poured rain on us before we could get back inside the boat, but that just added to the spontaneity and charm of the whole date, plus the sexiness of both being soaking wet.  :p

Family shot before leaving. 
Kinda cheesy with the live saver prop. Also, this picture was scanned onto the computer, that's why we look flat and one dimensional.

Selfie after getting rained on.

04 June 2013

18 Months

Wow, can you believe June is here already? We're already half way through the year, unbelievable!

It feels like just a few weeks ago I was complaining about being cooped up in the house because it was too cold outside. Now I'm bitching pretty much every single day about how stupid hot it is out.

Natalie has been busy taking bike rides with Pap-pap (Matt's dad) and occasionally they ride past my job while I'm at work and say hello. One of my co-workers told me Natalie looks like such a little girl now, not a baby anymore.

I know she's been a toddler for a long time now, but I'm finally at the point where I call her one. She's growing up fast, and before I know it's she'll be turning two! I know that's six months away, but if these next six months fly by as fast as the last then I am in trouble.

Here's what's new:

She's so independent. She hates asking for help for anything and sometimes gets mad at me if I don't let her do something on her own.

Back to being a picky eater. I'm lucky if I get one full meal in her a day.

Still wakes up several times a night for her bottle, doesn't have a consistent bedtime or wake up time either. Her naps are a little longer now though, and usually last an hour and a half to two hours a day.

Her favorite word is "nope". She likes saying it so much she'll sometimes say it when she really means yes.

She calls me "Mommy" most the time. She likes stretching it to "Mommmeeeee" and sometimes plays with it and says "Mommy-ameee-amee".

Still a Daddy's girl though. It gets a little embarrassing for me in front of large groups of people. I'll hold her and she just starts freaking out and screaming for Matt. I always wonder if people think I'm a bad mom who abuses her child or something. It just seems natural for a child to want the mother more than the dad.

She's getting more social and loves sharing toys. I'm hoping we can avoid the annoying "mine" phase that most kids go through.

For the most part she's a great listener and follows direction well. She is pretty patient when I tell her I need to do something before we can leave the house, or that she has to wait.

She can count pretty clearly to ten, though it's only after repeating after me.

She loves trying on other people's shoes and trying to walk around in them.

She can say two worded sentences/sentence fragments, such as: "Hi, Mom," "Bye, swings," "New shoes," and a few other things.

All around she is such a good girl. She's calm and sweet and affectionate and I'm so proud to be her mom.

We bought her a little red wagon at a yard sale and she just loves it.

29 May 2013

Father's Day Giveaway (Datevitation)

One year while I was in elementary school I remember making a little coupon book for my mom for Mother's Day.

It had redeemable coupons for things I would do for her like wash the dishes, or rub her feet. I thought this was a great idea, because I was only like 10 years old and had no money to actually buy her a gift. It was also super sweet and sentimental, so a win win.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company who essentially does the same thing. The website is Datevitation, and they are the first ever online platform to create custom coupon books.

Unlike other pre-packaged coupon books on the market, you pick the dates and customize the text/description to your liking. Basically it goes like this: Go to their site, select your gender, the gender of the person you're making the book for, and the essence of your relationship (friendly, romantic). You select from different categories like: Culture and Shows, Dining Out, Sports, Getaways, Pampering, etc... and then there are a ton of ideas to choose from. There's even an Adult Only section with some really fun ideas. ;)

I received a free book with five dates in exchange for doing this review, and gave my booklet to Matt as part of an anniversary gift. He loved it and honestly, it is just as much as a gift for me as it is for him. I cannot wait to start scratching off our date list!

Overall, I think this is such a fantastic idea!

Books normally start at just $20 so it makes for a thoughtful yet economical gift. But as a special treat for my followers, you can use the code 'LOVESONG' for $10 off your purchase in May or June. 

That means you can get your loved one a one-of-a-kind gift for Father’s day starting at just $10! The order cut-off date for guaranteed delivery by Father’s Day is June 6 so make sure to get your order in before then!

Below are snippets of the dates I chose. A text description of the date appears on the right side of the photo in the booklet and again, that's something you can edit yourself.

Comedy Club

Fortune Teller. This one might be trouble!

Take out and movie at home. 

Spa treatment at home. I of course would be the one massaging Matt.

Boat ride on the harbor. 

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

(You obviously don't have to do every single entry, but the more you do the better chance you have at winning!)

28 May 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 2nd anniversary, Matt! You don't get the recognition you deserve here on this blog, but I try to tell you how much you mean to me every single day.

What I don't say to you enough though is how you are by far, the sweetest, most loving man I've ever met.

Everything you do is out of selflessness and love for myself and for our family. You have such a big heart, and  not just when it comes to those close to you but to the rest of the world.

You have changed me for the better so much in the six years we've been a couple.

Some days I'm not sure if we're the exact same person, or complete opposites, but whatever it is, it's working. We balance each other out in the biggest and smallest of ways.

Of course we don't always see eye to eye but there is no one in the world I would rather argue over stupid opinions and facts with than you. (C'mon, you know I'm always right, anyway.)

I could go on and list so many things about you that make you so wonderful but my fingers would get tired from typing so much.

You are a great man and I am so proud to be your wife. Thank you so much for all you do! I only hope I'm half as good of a wife as you are a husband, and from the way you treat me, I must be doing something right.

I love you with all my heart and more.

Harper's Ferry, WV.  2010. (Seeing how thin I used to be makes me want to cry, but not want to actually do anything to change it.) 

May 28th, 2011. 
Honeymoon June 2011.

August 2011.
First wedding anniversary, May 28th, 2012. 

27 May 2013

Family Time

I hate saying that my family and I have been "super busy" lately, because really, what family isn't constantly trying to balance life or running around like madmen?

This weekend so far has been more eventful than usual though, since Matt's extended family is in town from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The weather has been perfect, and Natalie's been non-stop on the go.

She went to the zoo with Daddy while I was at work on Saturday, has gone on so many bike rides with Matt's dad and has had endless amounts of attention from new faces. We even partied on Saturday night to celebrate my nieces 4th birthday!

Yesterday Matt and I took advantage of all the relatives around and decided to get some home projects like staining the deck done, so we left Natalie at his parents where everyone is staying.

 Later the three of us went over to our friends/neighbors house so Nat could see her beloved buddy, Buddha aka "Boo-boo" the dog. We ended up staying awhile there and having a few beers while Natalie enjoyed playing with the other kids and making Daddy roll her around on the scooter. Then we had a cook out with the family, came home and fell asleep right away. We were wore out!

We've got some more errands to do today, and have to say good-bye to everyone heading back home. Tomorrow is our 2nd anniversary and our only plans are to go out to dinner.

Happy Memorial Day, people! Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Thank you to all who have or are serving our country.

Pretty birthday girl, Bridget. 

 My sisters children and mine: Drew, 10, Sienna, 7, Colin, 61/2, Bridget, 4, Natalie, 1 1/2.  The best shot I could get of all five of 'em. 

Colin and pizza faced Natalie. 

Driving home from the party on Saturday, we noticed the moon was so low and orange, so I had to stop at the Masonic Temple to get a shot of it. Here's my hometown in all it's glory! 

10 May 2013

Dermagist Review/Giveaway

Happy Friday, everyone!

With Mother's Day this Sunday, I thought now would be the perfect time to post this giveaway that Dermagist so generously offered to do!

I tried out their Skin Tone Correcting line, because I have some discoloration around my mouth. I've been using it for about a month, and though I haven't been applying it as consistently as I should, I definitely notice a difference. I really wish I took a before picture but I thought I would be too self conscious to share it, so I didn't.

Anyway, now's your chance to try it for yourself. One lucky reader will receive the two part skin brightening system, completely free!

This product is not a bleaching system. Even if you don't have any discoloration, it's great to even out your skin tone and brighten your overall completion.

Rules to enter:

 Like the Dermagist Facebook page

Follow Dermagist on Pinterest

Comment to let me know you're interested

Fine line: Must be a resident of the US or Canada to enter. Previous winners of a Dermagist giveaway are excluded from entering.

If you're a non registered user please provide an email address so I can contact you. Giveaway ends 5.15.13

Update: Winner via Random.org is Vanessa from A Life of Our Own. Congrats!

**Giveaway closed**

04 May 2013

Life Lately + 17 Months

Wow, it's been awhile since I've popped in here to blog! Truth is I unexpectedly felt like taking break from blogging, so I did. It wasn't planned and nothing major or crazy has been going on, I just didn't wanna blog, so I didn't.

We've have been out and about, enjoying the beautiful weather and really taking in the new season.

We are outside at least four hours everyday. We take long walks and just try to find something new and interesting to do. A different playground to go to, a pond to feed ducks, anything to keep entertained.

I've also started cooking more and doing meal plans for dinner, and I've really been enjoying that. It's kinda fun and I love being in control of what my family eats.

I'm making some playground acquaintances for myself and have met a few new neighbors who seem really nice. Natalie really isn't into playing with kids her age yet (she loves kids who are older than her though) but it's nice to make small talk with a few people who are friendly. 

Everything is good and there's so much more to look forward to too!

This is by far the busiest time of the year for us. Mothers Day is in a week, then our wedding anniversary is two weeks after that, then my birthday two weeks after our anniversary, then Fathers Day four days after my birthday, then Matt's birthday a week after Fathers Day, not to mention other family members birthdays in between those dates! I'll be really busy and broke soon. 

Oh, and Natalie is also 17 months today! (I've really got to stop counting months and just say she's a year and a half.)

I was going to write a post entirely about what's new with her, because I felt like there were a bajillion things to say but now that I sit and try to think of something of course nothing comes to mind.

I can say our spring wasn't off to that pleasant of a start. She had a nasty stomach bug that lasted five days or so and after the illness passed, the crankiness in her lingered. I was so afraid we were entering the terrible twos.

Thankfully that has been over for a couple of weeks now and she has been (almost) all smiles! She either has a bit of a cold now or just allergies, but her nose has been runny and she has her moments of freaking out when she doesn't get her way (her way is to constantly be outside, she'll stand by the door and cry if we don't take her).

She's less of a picky eater now, thank goodness. Her favorite vegetables are mushrooms, broccoli, and cucumbers. She'll try just about anything but the best way to get her to eat something is to lead by example. If she sees her older cousins nibbling on something she immediately wants what they have. It got her to try red peppers!

She is finally warming up to strangers and other family members besides Matt's parents. She'll hug and high five just about anyone we ask her to. I look forward to the point where she's comfortable enough to hang around my parents or sisters without Matt or myself there.

So that's that! I am sure after I post this I'll think of some more things.

Here are some recent photos of the babe:

Doesn't like sand in her sandals.

Make a wish. 
She found  something interesting.  

Sunshine in her face.
Petals from a neighbors tree. 
Playing with grass and dirt makes her happy. 
Crossing the bridge at the playground like a big girl.

Quack, quack. 

Boot wearers.