31 March 2012

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here and though I never look forward to working Saturdays, I certainly am looking forward to tomorrow. Matt and I are finally getting a couples massage that was a Christmas gift courtesy of my awesome sister in law Stephanie (and sorry for the shitty gift card last year Steph)! I'm excited about that and definitely looking forward to relaxing with my husband.

My five year old niece is also going to be staying with me for a few days starting tomorrow since she'll be on spring break all of next week. I'm really looking forward to having her around. She loves drawing pictures and making crafts. She is very creative and such a little sweetheart.

Tomorrow our friends Dom and Michelle are also coming over for dinner and to meet the baby. Michelle is an amazing chef and it's going to be completely embarrassing to cook anything for her. Seriously I wish we were just ordering takeout but Matt insisted on making tacos. Yes, I'm capable of fucking up tacos, I've done it before. Still, it will be nice to have people over and entertain.

I think the only way this weekend could be better is if I won $640 million dollars last night!

Natalie in her first spring dress a couple weeks ago.

23 March 2012

One Year Ago

One year ago today I found out out I was pregnant. I can't believe how much things have changed since. I am incredibly lucky. I still feel so fortunate that we conceived almost immediately. Pregnancy was the best life experience, labor was a breeze and now motherhood is freakin' awesome. I seriously think there is something screwed up in the universe because I'm pretty sure I never did anything to deserve this wonderful life.

22 March 2012

Cherry Blossoms and Laughter

 Officially the gayest post title yet.

Monday evening Matt and I gave Natalie a bath. She gave me a big smile with her little fingers in her mouth and let out a laugh. I was reluctant at first to classify the noise as a laugh but then she did it again. It was the sweetest sound ever. Matt grabbed the video camera but of course she didn't do it again and hasn't done it since. I think there was something about the water that made her so happy. She absolutely loves baths and even just likes the sound of running water. It was the first time she's ever laughed and I just can't wait til she does it again!

Yesterday my sisters and I played tourist and headed into D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms. It was so crowded and there really isn't much to do other than look at the trees and take pictures. I'm glad we went to see them though.

Other than that we have been taking walks every day. The weather has been way too nice to stay cooped up in the house.

17 March 2012

Lucky Me

I usually just post pictures for holidays but since it's been over a week since I last blogged I thought I would give everyone a short update. Very short. Like there's nothing to update you guys about. I've just been too lazy to blog. I'll try and catch up with everyone today while I "work".

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

08 March 2012

It's Okay Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up for It's OK Thursdays.

It's okay...

To wish inanimate objects could feel pain. It just seems so counterproductive to kick this piece of crap printer otherwise.

To deliberately try and be late for work because you need those extra five minutes of hitting the snooze button.

To feel like you've won the lottery when you pull a ton of snot out of your kids nose.

To miss wearing your nose ring but feel too old and mommy-ish to put it in.

To have found Pinterest  fun for all of five minutes before wondering why the hell everyone loves it so much.

To still not understand how to navigate timelines on Facebook.

To really, really be over the Kardashians and Snooki.

To be slightly disappointed your friend is having a boy, because now you have no one to give hand me downs to.

To hate that everyone looks forward to Fridays while I have to work a long shift the next day.

To send calls to voice mail when you don't recognize the number.

06 March 2012

Random Topic Tuesday

Today's topic: date night

Okay, this is the laziest topic decision ever. Last night Matt and I went on a date though so that's the first thing that came to mind to blog about. So here it is.

 I hate sports. Hate playing them, hate watching them, hate even hearing about them. But I found I can be bought. Back in October Matt won some tickets to a professional basketball game. Even though I am not a fan and the game was months away, I was excited to go. I knew we'd have a baby by then and quality time would be very limited. So last night we left the babe with Matt's parents and hopped on the metro.

I expected to have mediocre seats but we were three rows back, courtside, and that qualified us as "VIP" so we got free food, beer and access to a mini "club" inside the stadium. The seats were extremely close together though, worse than at the movies. Every time I went to get a drink or use the bathroom my ass grinded against some strangers groin but I guess I've been through more awkward occurrences. It was pretty cool being so close to the players and getting special treatment. Also, the back of our heads appeared on TV, so I'm pretty sure that legally makes us famous by today's standards.

We headed out when there was five minutes left, and I don't know what the final score was but I know Washington definitely lost. Even though our local team sucks and I'm not into sports, it was the experience and time with my husband that made it fun. (The free booze didn't hurt either.)

So, what did you do for your most recent date?

05 March 2012

Internet Fears

Since a blogger friend of mine decided to end her blog (that sounds so dramatic) because she felt she was exposing too much online and didn't want to exploit her unborn daughter, I've been thinking about how much I put out there for anyone and everyone to see. I wouldn't ever say anything on here that I wouldn't say in real life and I'm okay with posting personal things about myself because what can anyone do with information about my boring life and opinions, really?

But I do post pictures of my baby. Lots and lots of picture. And that has started to kinda freak me out.

So I've decided to start putting a watermark on all of my pictures of Natalie. I think it kinda ruins a photo but it makes me feel better about exposing her so much so publicly. I'm flattered when I see people find my blog by Googling words like, "beautiful babies" but really weirded out when they find me by searching things like "hispanic four month old baby boy" (?). It makes me wonder why they're looking for those images. I don't think I'm being paranoid, because there are some crazy people out there. And I have some examples.

Long ass story and stalker-y details short, a friend of a friend had a picture of a baby as his profile picture on Facebook. I found out that it wasn't his kid, just some random persons baby. By some strange turn in the universe I was reading an article on Yahoo the other day and found the person whose baby it actually was, via the comments section. I thought about messaging this person and just sending them the link to his page but decided not to.

I also knew someone once who faked an entire pregnancy and the birth. She posted pictures of a baby online that she said was hers, but it wasn't. It could have been a family member she took the pictures from, or she could have taken the photos from anywhere on the internet.

Crazy shit, and I know I have to be careful. Honestly there isn't much harm anyone could do by using my kids picture and passing it off as their own if they wanted to, but it creeps me out and would really piss me off if they did. I probably would never find out anyway, but I still want to be cautious while showing the world my daughter.

04 March 2012

Three Months

Today my little baby is three months old! She is getting better control of her hands.She loves her little play mat with the dangly (is that a word?) toys and grabs and pulls on them. Sleep wise she is getting better. She isn't sleeping through the night, but most nights she will sleep until about four thirty in the morning. Ideally I like for her to be asleep by ten but that's not always the case, as every mother knows. She isn't really eating more. Still about four ounces.

She's been very congested for about seven weeks now. Around six weeks she got her first cold but that passed. Unfortunately the congestion stuck around ever since. We took her to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because she had developed a really harsh sounding cough but the doc said she just had a little cold (again) and the congestion was normal. She's been in great spirits though and has no fever and now the cough is gone. I thought it might be something called croup but apparently not. She's also too young to have allergies, according to the doctor. She's rolled over on her belly maybe two or three more times since she initially did it. Other than that, there really isn't much more to say. She's a baby and she does her baby thing.

Yes, that's the same outfit as my last post. Stop judging.