27 June 2011

I'll Talk About Something Else... Eventually

Right now all I've been able to think and talk about is my pregnancy. 17 weeks and five days in and all the excitement hasn't worn off nor do I think it's going to! I'm especially excited because strangers can totally tell that I'm expecting and one even asked me today. While I don't particularity look forward to the awkward belly rubs that I've seen happen between so many strangers and pregnant women, I am loving how people are so much nicer and respectful to me because of this.

22 June 2011

100 follower give-a-way

Most of the time when I check the mail there isn't much to get excited about. Today was different though because I had a nice little package from a give-a-way I entered hosted by Beth over at The Young and the Married (follow her for any future give-a-ways she may have)! Of course I was picked at random but she personalized the package in a way that made me feel special. Anyway, it made my day so much that I think I will host my own give-a-way once I reach 100 followers. There will definitely be some beauty products and summer must haves! So if you're not already a follower and interested in entering then click the follow button at the top of the page and stay tuned for future details.

In my package: A photo frame, a magnetic notepad that looks so summer-y on my refrigerator next to all the magnets I collected from our honeymoon, a cute little hair bow, a lovely shade of nail polish which my fingers so desperately need, gum that makes my mouth water with deliciousness and the sweet hand written note!

So sweet! Thanks again!

16 June 2011

Start of the Baby Bump!

I'm 16 weeks along and finally starting to not look fat and actually look pregnant. I'm so happy and excited about the start of the baby bump!I'm trying not to anticipate finding out the gender too much because a little mystery is fun but I really look forward to buying my first article of baby clothing. I never thought I would be like this but I am completely obsessed with anything baby and anyone pregnant. I'm still feeling great, just really tired. My hormones have calmed down so my skin is looking much better. I have to say that so far this has been a great pregnancy and I look forward to seeing my belly expand.

I love wearing belts under my bust to emphasize my bump

11 June 2011

I Can't Not Post This Any Longer!

I have been itching to post this since the moment I found out! I know I have so much to talk about from the wedding but this is way better.

I am going to be a mother!

I know this seems really soon to be posting since the honeymoon ended a week ago but we decided to go a less traditional route and started trying before the wedding.

We began trying in January and in late February/early March a new life was created! I felt really lucky that it had happened so soon considering my observations have been that the couple who wants a baby can't or has a hard time conceiving and those who don't want children are insanely fertile.

We're going to find out the sex of the baby in four and a half weeks which seems like forever! I have a feeling it's a boy but either way we are both ecstatic!

I'm 15 1/2 weeks and feeling great. First trimester went smooth, not a lot of nausea, no weight gain but I did go up a cup size and definitely noticed my waist line expanding.

I am even more emotional and hyper sensitive to anything and everything so prepare for lots of hormonal posts.

Here is our baby at 11 weeks and 1 day (over a month ago)! Just starting to look human! I can't wait to see how big he or she has gotten since!

09 June 2011

The Honeymoon in a Nutshell

The honeymoon was the cherry on top of a wonderful wedding. We left the day after the wedding for a seven day cruise to the Bahamas. It was both of our first times on a cruise ship and it was great. We got pampered and there was so much entertainment and so many things to do. Majority of the time we were basking in the sun or napping and cuddling in our room but it was just what we needed. We loved every minute of it except on the third day when we stopped in Port Canaveral and Matt had a painfully awful sunburn and nothing seemed to help. That day we stayed in the room and canceled our excursion (which I can't even remember what it was) then decided to walk around near the beach but there wasn't much to see and it was freaking hot out! We arrived in Nassau the next day where we went to a huge resort/hotel called Atlantis. They had a ton of upscale shops, spas, casino, aquarium, swimming with dolphins (we missed out on that great opportunity), snorkeling with sharks, a gigantic water park with a slide that takes you 60 mph and underwater glass tunnels with sea creatures swimming above, plus a few beaches and pools. There was so much to do but we wanted to take it easy, as usual, and browsed the aquarium then chilled on the beach. The next day was Freeport and we went to a lush garden with waterfalls and exotic plants. It was really interesting learning about the local culture and their beliefs. For example, they don't believe in mainstream medicine. Instead they use every plant in site to "cure" things such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, and even leukemia. After the garden we headed to Lucaya for some local shopping. Then it was time to get back on the ship and spend another day at sea before arriving back in Baltimore. I enjoyed a wonderful massage on the ship and some more relaxation. Everything was perfect but my favorite part was not having to leave my new husbands side for seven days!

Breakfast in bed every morning...
sunsets over the ocean every evening...

and a handsome husband for the rest of my life.
On the cruise ship
Sunsets and sunburns
 First stop was Cocoa Beach  in Port Canaveral, FL

Welcome to Nassau, Bahamas!

Heading to Atlantis resort in Nassau
On one of the beaches in front of Atlantis
Aquarium in Atlantis
 Touching a sea creature in the petting tank
 The largest snail I've ever seen
Paradise Island
Swimming in the warm, clear water
Enjoying life!
Stopping for a quick shot before leaving Atlantis
Garden of the Groves in Freeport, Bahamas
An adorable chapel on the grounds of Garden of the Groves
 While shopping in Lucaya we ran into some little lizards (try and spot them!)
So much color everywhere!
Had to get a picture in front of this cute phone booth.
We came back to our room every day to adorable towel animals
Seven days of marriage and glowing!

08 June 2011

More Wedding Pics

I was a lot more calm once I started getting ready and saw myself getting put together. Everyone telling me I looked beautiful and my sister tearing up when she saw me didn't hurt either. :) Here are a few blurry pictures I wanted to share.

Putting the final touches on my hair
Full length shot of my dress
Flowers in my hair

 Matts mom made my viel! I look kind of sad in this.
For some reason Zalina thought me peeing in that McDonalds cup was a better idea than going to the bathroom. I didn't do it, but it was hilarious! I was so confused at first and that's the conversation going on in this picture.

05 June 2011

From Ms. to Mrs.

I'm back from the honeymoon and it was wonderful! We'll talk about that later though!

I am a married woman! I am so happy! The wedding was amazing.

All the stress is over but I miss the actual day, it was so great. I walked down the aisle with my dad and I felt so confident and beautiful while doing so.

 I was so nervous all day but when it was crunch time I could feel how supportive and happy for us everyone was and it made me feel so comfortable. My sister and dad both cried when they saw me which wasn't helpful to my appearance since I cried too, but very sweet and heart warming.

 It rained for about 20 minutes about three hours before the ceremony and then the sun came out and relieved me from stressing about one more thing.

The ceremony was set to start at six o'clock but due to wardrobe, hair and make up delays (NOT on my behalf) we were about thirty minutes late and I felt so terrible keeping people waiting in the heat.

The sun was beginner to set though and filled the ceremony with beautiful golden light. I cried so much during the vows and when our officiant read the love letters we had written to each other as part of the ceremony.

Matt's eyes watered up for the very first time in front of me when he said his vows to me too. The night really did pass so fast and before I knew it we were walking out the door into a crowd blowing bubbles and cheering for us. DFjkdkhfdsfhjdhfjhd! So happy!

*Sorry the pics are so blurry! These are all I have so far for another two weeks until the photographer gets back to us!

Newly married couple
Our fake cake!

My grandparents and I
Cake time

Bridesmaid, her hubby and I
Stephanie caught the bouquet!
My boss David and I
My niece Bridget and I

Asian looking brother
Dads parents and my new groom
Nephew Drew and I
Mimi and my squished boobs
My moms mom and I
Me and my dad

Me, my dad and hubby
Not a "first" dance but we did dance to one song

So happy!