27 May 2011

Going to Tremor My Way Down the Aisle Tomorrow!

Just a quick post before I take a Benadryl and pray I sleep through the night. We finished our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I thought maybe practicing everything would make me feel comfortable but it had the opposite effect. I am jumping out of my skin nervous. I am so scared to walk down the aisle tomorrow and I cannot believe it's here. I know everyone says it will pass by fast but the anxiety leading up to all of it is just awful. I don't feel very prepared as while practicing tonight my heels sunk so far into the grass I tripped several times and had to take them off. I had a pair of pink shoes I was going to wear and now that's out of the question so I am going to wear blue/aqua wedges. I feel worried about how the dress will fit with those and if my ankles will roll in them like they tend to while wearing wedges but I know it will be okay. I just want to get through walking down the aisle and then I can bask in the happiness of being a new wife. Have a good memorial day weekend everyone. We're leaving for a week to the Bahamas on Sunday so I may not post for awhile (what's new?) but you will hear all about it when I'm back.

23 May 2011

My Last Sunday as a "Single" Woman

It's true that I have a personality so dry it makes the Kardashians look less than dead behind the eyes. People believe me to be so dull they have joked that my bachelorette party would consist of knitting and scrap booking. I am pleased to say that yesterday two out of three of my bridesmaids put together a lunch and spa day for me (no knitting involved) which was more of a shower than a party but it was great! We did some shopping, went to a little Greek restaurant and then I headed to a three hour facial/massage. While this is what some girlfriends do together on a typical Sunday, I rarely go out and it was nice to de-stress and unwind.This week is going to fly by!

Zalina, me, Gina.
Most of the pics came out blurry :/
Gina, Esther, me, Zalina
Gina modeling
Zalina modeling

18 May 2011

Less Than Two Weeks!

"Someday you will miss today."

Simple words that have made me rethink being so ho hum about our wedding. I AM excited to be getting married but there are so many factors that dampen my mood. I know this is such an important part of my life and I am trying hard to become the model bride to be who's happy, excited, and motivated by the lack of time she has before the big day to get things done. Ten days are left and while I am looking forward to the stress of this whole thing being over I know that someday I will look back on all of this and miss this point in my life.

10 May 2011

Trial Run Hair and Make Up!

You would think having unlimited resources to having my hair done (free of charge), pretty much whenever I want would give me reason not to procrastinate on practicing my hair for the day of but that doesn't change anything for me. So this past Friday with three weeks left until the wedding I finally had my stylist/bridesmaid do my "trial run". I wasn't crazy about my hair but I did really like my make up. It's nothing too fancy because I would like to stay in my comfort zone but it is more than I wear on a daily basis. It's hard to see the details from my awesome camera phone pictures but here are some pictures I took of my hair and make up.

I was inspired by Wonk Tits below to do a side swept bun with some pieces hanging out. We used some extensions in my hair for added oomph but it ended up looking really bulky. So much for spending $200 dollars on the weave I done bought!

Fortunately there are other ideas out there where I can use the hair pieces that I spent too much money on. I love the first picture which still is a side swept style and the flower is so cute and feminine. I am a little apprehensive about doing something like the second picture only because I feel like I want something more distinct than what I wear everyday and that is the closest to my daily appearance.