26 April 2011

White House Easter Egg Roll

Yesterday was the 2011 White House Easter Egg Roll!

While people from all over the country showed up for it, I am fortunate to live close enough that I am just a few Metro stops away. (I feel really bad for the people who traveled here from really far away.)

My moms friend got me, my sister and lovely nieces tickets to the event. I meant to post this yesterday but was so burnt out.

While I am glad to say that I was lucky enough to go to such a cool event, I probably wouldn't do it again.We waited in line for over an hour to get in, and once we got in there were nothing but more lines. Not to mention it was stinking hot, ridiculously crowded and we had an over heated two year old.

We took a few pictures, did the egg hunt, saw Colbie Caillet and Kelly Ripa do their thing and it was time to go. I left with achy feet, an awkward sunburn on my nose, shoulder and forehead, cranky girls (including my sister) but at least we have some more family memories to add to the album!

Hope everyone else had a great holiday!

Before we waited in an hour long line in the blistering sun.
Still happy, waiting in line.
Finally through the gate!
Easter bunny!
Me in front of the White House.
 Sitting on a giant egg

They gave us Peeps and wooden eggs as parting gifts. Eating the wooden eggs probably would have been more nutritious!

Sommersaults on White House lawn

Wooden egg as a souvenir
Barack and Michelle's stamped signatures

Colbie Caillet performing
Kelly Ripa and some chef cooking Quesadillas. That little kid on the side was actually really obnoxious.

15 April 2011

The Countdown to Complete Insanity Begins (Six Weeks Left)

Beneath the happy in love girl with a casual manner I feel stressed to the core about if I’ve done this whole thing right. I feel like I rushed into some of the decisions I made just to get it out of the way and feel like I procrastinated on others and then was not left with many options. It's true that I am getting more and more anxious about the wedding as it is all too quickly approaching-yet feels like it will be forever until it will be over.

My main uneasiness is stemming from the moments I know will be filled with nothing but awkwardness: walking down the aisle, cake cutting and the very dreaded first dance. So I turned to the internet for help. Not for advice on how to ease my nerves but on alternatives to the traditional  motions of a wedding. I really didn't find a lot of information. I haven't made up mind entirely about walking down the aisle (or not so much walking down it) but this is where all my angst lies.

I know I will probably not walk down with my father. I have thought about this and I know I may regret it. I've never been a "daddy's girl" though and just feel like it would be weird for me to be "given" away. I understand why people do it, it's just not for me. I've heard of the bride and groom walking down together and this sounds like a good plan. I feel most comfortable and relaxed with my fiance by my side.  As far as a first dance goes there is absolutely no avoiding this. We are having dancing at the wedding and eventually will have to get on the floor and that will technically be our first dance together. However, I think it would be nice to just have a first dance for all the couples along with us. (Because I don't want anyone to feel left out- really.)

I know some people can't fathom leaving out the usual customs and I am surprisingly worried about what other people may think of this, especially his family. I don't want anyone to be disappointed or feel they missed out on an essential part of our wedding but at the same time it is OUR wedding and I want to be happy and comfortable. I just can't bring myself to take center stage and prosper under the attention some brides very much look forward to.

01 April 2011

Ceremony Decor Ideas

I have been thinking about ideas to add some character and personality to our big day. I have come to the conclusion that flowers in mason jars may be the most charming accent to any wedding. I have seen them as table decorations but what I would really love is to have them hanging from shepherds hooks lining the aisle. Sure, adding the handle to hang the jar will require a little DIY on my behalf (I am terrible at crafts of any kind, no matter the level of simplicity) but I am willing to give it a go because my love knows no boundaries and it will make our wedding that much more adorable. (Oh, how I wish they sold them handle attached.) In addition to the jars, I would like to place decorative candle lanterns on every other hook for some extra pizazz. I couldn't find any photos of lanterns on hooks but I did find some great lanterns though for a great price! I've made up my mind about this one hundred percent. Except I haven't decided if I want white lanterns with white shepherds hooks or black lanterns with black shepherds hooks. Why are the tiniest decisions so hard to decide upon? 

Not crazy about the ribbon and it hanging from the chair, but the small white flowers make it worth posting.