15 February 2011

Simple Kind of Life, Simple Kind of Love

While I take some pride in not being a materialistic person, especially around holidays where “love” is portrayed with flowers, perfume and blingy bling, I really did appreciate the sentiment this year as Matt declared his love for me with two out of three of these objective items: a purple orchid flower/plant and a "Journey" necklace. Orchids always remind me of when he purposed since right before he did he had surprised me with one after a trip to the store (shortly thereafter he had his medical episode and was in the hospital for weeks). And I suppose diamonds remind me of the engagement too since, well, he gave me a lovely diamond ring. Anyway, I professed my love (or decided to punish him) with my cooking! I made him breakfast and dinner which very, very seldom happens, certainly not in the same day. I also ordered him hot sauce (yes, hot sauce) from an "of the month club" site which sends him a different hot sauce from a different place around the country every month. Nothing was extraordinarily special about Valentine's day, it was just nice to be together as every day is.

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