27 February 2011

Save the Lates!

I obviously love this picture of us!It's the profile picture for my Facebook, Blogger and now on our Save the Dates! Though I am sure no one reading this blog wants to stalk me any further (a girl can only dream of that kind of attention) and most people already know my last name, I still decided to remove our last names from this digital and very public version. We sent these out a few weeks ago (pretty late considering our wedding's in three months) and everyone received them already so I thought I would show off the final product!

19 February 2011

Bling, Blang, Blao!

Today I tackled one of the least important tasks on the list and that would be jewelry. I tried to get more done-I really did. I went to the mall to look for shoes and undergarments so I can take my dress to get altered soon and came back with pretty earrings. I didn't find undergarments or shoes but hopefully next weekend that will be taken care of when my bridesmaids go to try on dresses. I love these drop crystal earrings by Eliot Danori (never heard of him, just thought I would mention his name because it sounds foreign and expensive). I am happy with the purchase although I now believe whoever pierced my ears when I was ten did not do it properly and I may have to re-pierce them to align correctly!

Lovely dress with new earrings

15 February 2011

Simple Kind of Life, Simple Kind of Love

While I take some pride in not being a materialistic person, especially around holidays where “love” is portrayed with flowers, perfume and blingy bling, I really did appreciate the sentiment this year as Matt declared his love for me with two out of three of these objective items: a purple orchid flower/plant and a "Journey" necklace. Orchids always remind me of when he purposed since right before he did he had surprised me with one after a trip to the store (shortly thereafter he had his medical episode and was in the hospital for weeks). And I suppose diamonds remind me of the engagement too since, well, he gave me a lovely diamond ring. Anyway, I professed my love (or decided to punish him) with my cooking! I made him breakfast and dinner which very, very seldom happens, certainly not in the same day. I also ordered him hot sauce (yes, hot sauce) from an "of the month club" site which sends him a different hot sauce from a different place around the country every month. Nothing was extraordinarily special about Valentine's day, it was just nice to be together as every day is.

13 February 2011

Floral Arrangements

We met with the florist today! I am all about simple and think white and green says simple and elegant. I picked black tuxedos for the groomsmen with sage green accents and although I haven't officially decided, I think I will just go with black dresses for my girls. I love the bouquet on the cover of this magazine my mom gave me and will do a smaller version for the bridesmaids with more green. I really love orchids, especially in square vases in water. I also really love the shorter, more traditional centerpieces and those may be more suitable for an evening wedding. Either way I know they are over priced but so beautiful!