14 December 2010

If Jared Can Do It, So Can I!

Every January people open gym memberships with a pep in their step and the ambition of getting in shape...and two weeks later it's collecting dust in their wallet. I unfortunately can't put off pretending to lose weight until January and have taken my first steps now. If I didn't despise exercise and love food/drinking so much then this wouldn't be an issue. A recent study found that people who keep a food diary lose twice the weight compared to those who do not track their foods. In July I got motivated to get in shape and signed up for MyFoodDiary.com and lost about seven to nine lbs. Unfortunately, I have since gained it back. MyFoodDiary is an online community and food database that offers a journal of what you eat, all the nutritional information including calories needed to maintain weight and lose the healthy amount of weight for your body type, an exercise log, body log, additional notes and a forum for support. With 11 weeks before I get my dress, I need to be wedding day ready by February 28th because then I have to have a fitting with the seamstress and after the alterations there is no room for any weight gain or loss! I know there are certainly more drastic measures for losing weight (Michelle's raw fruit diet), but this is a challenge enough! There are so many inspiring stories out there and I know if people can lose hundreds of pounds by diet and exercise (and Subway sandwiches) then my lazy ass can lose ten pounds for my wedding.

2 Thoughts :

Jessica December 15, 2010 at 10:11 AM  

I used to use a calorie counter online and when I used it every day, it made me more conscious of what I was eating. This Food Diary site is a great idea!

Unknown December 16, 2010 at 8:03 PM  

I use "My Fitness Pal" but I agree it creates anxiety and makes me just want to eat more. Love the dress btw! Hope to see you guys soon. You don't need to lose weight!