22 November 2010

Vintage/Rustic wedding

I don't think anyone truly needs a complete year to plan a wedding, but if you're as lax as I am then you may want to give yourself some leeway. Two of the primary attributes are taken care of (catering and venue) and that is what I have accomplished in the past six months (plus this blog, the most important thing). No photographer, no limo service, no florist, no DJ, no favors, no colors, no attire, no IDEA what kind of cake, no ever important dress. I am now considering purple, sage and grey for colors. (We'll see how long this lasts.) I know purple is associated with royalty and gives off a more elegant feel which isn't really my personality. I think it would be great to have a vintage/rustic feel to the day. I believe everything should be done in moderation, and don't really know if all these ideas combine on one day would work. It may in fact be TOO laid back, at least for me. I also could not find any good pictures of the color palette I would like because, again, everything is better in moderation and I hate matchy matchy crap. Enjoy! Hand painted wooded signs are insanely charming. (The couple's cute too.) Gorgeous bouquet that looks almost hand picked. Simple white flowers in mason jars are a great accent for walking strolling down the aisle. I wish I lived in this magic forest... ...or either of these converted barns!

Wish I had the guts (and venue) to wear cowboy boots!
What's more rustic than chipped paint?! A beautiful collage I lied, here's one okay purple/green pic
This takes chill to a whole new level.
The picture wouldn't open in full, so enjoy this puny sized one.

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marissa November 24, 2010 at 2:34 PM  

All of these pictures are beautiful! I think if you have a venue that can provide the right setting, rustic/vintage is gorgeous! And I don't think purple would be too royal if you use it as an accent color, you know?