05 November 2010

More thoughts on hair... fun!

I know come winter I look like a character from every one's favorite teeny-bopper vampire show. This year I would like to keep my hair on the lighter side. Brighten myself up and look less morbid. Even before I worked in a hair salon, I was a typical girl and couldn't stand keeping my hair the same. We get bored. The crazy one's get bored even quicker. (Me.) I know I look best (in my opinion) with dark, solid colored hair which is why I had my good friend add some highlights. It sounds weird but if I do highlights now I can try resisting doing anything dramatic before the wedding and just go chocolate brown all over and look my best! Ideally, it would be nice to not be addicted to frying my hair but we don't live in a perfect world. The biggest trend right now is an "ombre" or "graduated" hair color. Even though it is clear this look is achieved with chemicals, the feel is a laid back more natural look. It is definitely cut out for girls on a budget who like something low maintenance. It allows you to visit the salon less frequently since dark roots are welcome.

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