22 November 2010

Vintage/Rustic wedding

I don't think anyone truly needs a complete year to plan a wedding, but if you're as lax as I am then you may want to give yourself some leeway. Two of the primary attributes are taken care of (catering and venue) and that is what I have accomplished in the past six months (plus this blog, the most important thing). No photographer, no limo service, no florist, no DJ, no favors, no colors, no attire, no IDEA what kind of cake, no ever important dress. I am now considering purple, sage and grey for colors. (We'll see how long this lasts.) I know purple is associated with royalty and gives off a more elegant feel which isn't really my personality. I think it would be great to have a vintage/rustic feel to the day. I believe everything should be done in moderation, and don't really know if all these ideas combine on one day would work. It may in fact be TOO laid back, at least for me. I also could not find any good pictures of the color palette I would like because, again, everything is better in moderation and I hate matchy matchy crap. Enjoy! Hand painted wooded signs are insanely charming. (The couple's cute too.) Gorgeous bouquet that looks almost hand picked. Simple white flowers in mason jars are a great accent for walking strolling down the aisle. I wish I lived in this magic forest... ...or either of these converted barns!

Wish I had the guts (and venue) to wear cowboy boots!
What's more rustic than chipped paint?! A beautiful collage I lied, here's one okay purple/green pic
This takes chill to a whole new level.
The picture wouldn't open in full, so enjoy this puny sized one.

15 November 2010

Sister Wives!

Okay, maybe the title is a little creepy and misleading but congratulations to my sister Courtney on the engagement this weekend! I think it's great that we're both engaged! I love sharing ideas and talking about plans with someone who can relate. It's a shame that not everyone can just be happy for others and would feel resentful to a sibling who gets engaged around the same time. Weddings can bring out the ugliest sides of people. I feel like most brides use their wedding as an excuse to act like a bitch. You're not a princess and the world does not revolve around you. It should not be a day about YOU. There is no rule saying anyone else you know can't get married or engaged within x amount of months as you. Everyone is not to drop their lives to bask in your glory. If you're genuinely satisfied with your relationship then all the extra attention you receive should just be a bonus and not a necessity. (Amazing how I can put a negative spin on everything.) Anyway, congratulations again! I am happy for you and excited for the both of us!

07 November 2010

The Bride to Be Is Afraid of Commitment

I found a place that rents tan suits. Now I am nervous about actually choosing tan suits for the wedding. *Sigh* I just don't want to regret anything! Since the wedding industry is the devil, no place allows men to actually try suits on before giving them all your money. We went down to the rental place this Saturday under the impression Matt was going to try something on and I would walk away more or less confident in my decision. Nope. Just a book of suits and the display in the window. I wish there were a way to see exactly how everything is going to come together on our wedding day. The only picture similar to the one in the shop is this super cheesy one. Obviously we will never be as superior and classy as the designer models below.

05 November 2010

More thoughts on hair... fun!

I know come winter I look like a character from every one's favorite teeny-bopper vampire show. This year I would like to keep my hair on the lighter side. Brighten myself up and look less morbid. Even before I worked in a hair salon, I was a typical girl and couldn't stand keeping my hair the same. We get bored. The crazy one's get bored even quicker. (Me.) I know I look best (in my opinion) with dark, solid colored hair which is why I had my good friend add some highlights. It sounds weird but if I do highlights now I can try resisting doing anything dramatic before the wedding and just go chocolate brown all over and look my best! Ideally, it would be nice to not be addicted to frying my hair but we don't live in a perfect world. The biggest trend right now is an "ombre" or "graduated" hair color. Even though it is clear this look is achieved with chemicals, the feel is a laid back more natural look. It is definitely cut out for girls on a budget who like something low maintenance. It allows you to visit the salon less frequently since dark roots are welcome.

01 November 2010

We're Going to be Broke Really Soon

We booked our caterer with R&R Catering, the first and only taste testing I attended. Our menu:
Cocktail Hour:
Italian Bruschetta Display
International Cheese Board
Asparagus & Roasted Red Pepper Caesar
Beef Medallions with Shallot Brandy Sauce
Sun-dried Tomato & Arugula Chicken
Roasted Asparagus with Feta
Pecan Wild Rice
Potato-Parmesan Pave
Hearth Baked Breads Presented with Butter
Our ceremony is going to be at about six o'clock. If everything runs smoothly, guest should be enjoying cocktails by about six thirty. Since we are more than likely having a fairly short cocktail hour, we decided upon only two horderves. A buffet style dinner seems like the best option to satisfy all our guests. I haven't ever been a big fan of sweets so not much thought has gone into the cake. Better than all the yummy food will be the open bar! Looking forward to having a good time. (And paying off all the wedding bills!)