25 October 2010

Things Not to do at Engagement Party:

  1. Think you're funny by making moderately racist joke, followed by awkward silence and uncomfortable guests.
  2. Smash cake in guests face
  3. Think you're being deep and profound by talking about gay rights to stranger, only to realize he never mentioned he was gay and is clearly offended you brought the subject up with him.
Other than the drunk mess I was, it was a good time! Or so I hear. Hope everyone had as much fun as I apparently did!

Matt's lovely mother, my friend Daniel, and my sister Brittany.
Zalina being, well, Zalina.
Love everyone's face in this!
Matt and two of his groomsmen.
Me and my bridesmaids, who all coincidentally wore purple. Someone leaving and someone yawning. Told you it was a good time! Matt's brother and brothers girlfriend Stephanie. Michelle and Marlin. Candid shots are the best.
The super eloquent Gina, who would kill me if she saw this.
Allison, Will and Stephen.
"Make a stupid face!" I win.

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