17 October 2010

Preserving Memories

Most magazines are like people: little substance and filled with crap. Bridal magazines certainly are no exception. I did happen to find a useful idea through all the redundant ads in one of the magazines my future mother in law gave to me. Instead of using a photograph of ourselves or guest book for attendants to sign, we (and by we I mean I) have decided to go with a bright colored poster that we can frame and hang in the guest bedroom/future nursery. (We’ll see.) Not only is it more practical than having a guest book that will sit in the basement collecting dust, but it’s also cheaper! Most guest books are between $40-$60 dollars.Supplies needed to re-create look below: Le-Pen marker in teal (Amazon) for the signatures, frame is an Ikea "Ribba" frame ($20 for 19 3/4x27 1/2-inch frame) and the poster is free to download!