23 September 2010

So Many (Awful) Options

No one should have as many opinions as I do. That being said, read on: I was going to post some pictures of wedding gowns that make me cringe, but after looking through them I realize the thought of wearing most wedding dresses makes me want to hang myself. My first idea of what I wanted was something more on the princess-y side. Corset top, ball gown-ish skirt, perhaps ivory or off white. The more I looked at them though, the more ridiculous they look to me. It's hard for me to understand, for my lack of one, but I guess some people have more "personality" than others. Trendy, edgy, hip, current, modern, tasteless... whatever you want to call it when a bride wears something that hugs her body and then poofs out at the bottom.Large trains,bows, anything pleated, colored sashes are all going to look dated in ten years.I DO understand how someone can wear something "over the top" and in my opinion, tacky. It's one day, where else can you dress like a glitter princess and get away with it?!I know I sound am really judgmental but getting married has made me realize a lot about myself. For instance, I always knew I wasn't an "all eyes on me" kind of gal but I now realize I don't want this to be MY day.

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