29 September 2010

Garden vs. Patio

There is always a chance that weather is not going to cooperate on your wedding day. Having an outdoor wedding or ceremony makes this all the more risky. Not only is weather a concern, but shoes are too. Our initial thought was to have a garden ceremony, then I started to consider how the heel might sink into the ground. I find wedges less comfortable and attractive than heels and my ankles seem to roll when I wear them. I wouldn't be completely opposed to wearing flats, if my fiancee weren't 6'7" and me 5'4". However, I have to consider my bridesmaids and if slate would be a better option than grass for everyone. The garden feels more wedding-y but I'm sure the patio dresses up nice.Because I have the grace and coordination of a two year old learning to walk, I am pretty sure I'm going to trip while walking down the isle anyway. Now, do I want to embarrass myself in heels, on slate or in wedges, on grass?

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marissa September 30, 2010 at 5:10 PM  

I had the option of a deck (and heels) or the garden (and flats). I'm SO glad we went with the garden. It was so, so pretty. Plus, I'm much more comfortable in flats, even if I am a foot shorter than my husband. =]

Both of the pictures look pretty. Pick based on which shoes you want to wear! Good luck!