19 September 2010

Color My World

Since I am much more of a verbal as opposed to visual person, it's really difficult for me to imagine how colors are going to look on my wedding day.

I don't like the idea that I'm suppose to choose two or three colors and have everything there in those colors. I like things to cohesively flow but not to be matchy-matchy.

While I don't HAVE to do anything by the book, if I thought it was hard to agree on three colors that go well, I can't imagine how hard it would be to not have a color scheme.

I like things pretty neutral and simple. My home is decorated with some Earth tones and my wardrobe consist of a ton of floral prints.

I want something that feels laid back and relaxed but not like a backyard BBQ. My absolute ideal colors would be orange/coral, sage green and taupe. I haven't had any luck finding taupe suits, though! I also was considering navy blue and yellow but that might give off more of a nautical feel.

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