29 March 2010

Wake Up and Dream...

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. ~Emily Brontë Even on this gloomy Monday morning I have something to smile about, as I do every morning. I wake up and start dreaming all over again. Life is blissful. Somewhere, if karma does in fact exist, I must have been responsible for the kindest deed known to mankind. I am so blessed in life. So blessed in love. It took us awhile to get to this point and I wouldn't change a thing. Love is and was not always so perfect. There are ugly parts, sure. (If you saw me in the morning, you would understand.) Even with all the negative things surrounding me: divorce rates higher than ever, cheating a casualty, I maintain the ability to never give up. Society is accustomed to failed relationships. It's not shocking when celebrities and politicians come out with disgusting scandals. It's not even shocking when people you know and love separate. I cannot fathom what it is driving people apart and I don't want to learn first hand. I truly believe I have all the key factors to a strong, healthy relationship that will last and for that I am overwhelmed with a positive view of love and hope for the rest of us.

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